Chicken Tetrazzini

in #food3 years ago

I am always on the look for a good recipe that freezes well and is not to costly, this one fits the bill.

I can also see a few changes that can be made to it (I modify mine as I see fit).

It is a challenge to cook a nice casserole for just 2 people, it turns into a what to do with all the leftovers!
This one was done with just 2 skinned precooked chicken breasts and I can assure you this pan was loaded with chicken...




What recipes have you found that is not only good, tasty, freezes well and pretty cheap?

Come chime in and chat!


anything that I don't have to cook!
howdy from Texas @weetreebonsai! it's a beautiful dish of Tetrazzini ya got there, great job!

you're welcome, if that was cheese on top I could eat half of it in one sitting!
that's how good it looked to me.

Yup that is lots of cheese.

Looks good, even more so because it is lunch time!
I was trying to think of something but I never have enough leftovers to freeze!