🌱 The VEGAN FEST in Thailand has started! Here's our first VEGAN NOODLE SOUP!

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Steem fam!

It’s been quite a few years that I hadn’t been here in Thailand during the Vegan Fest (Je Festival) ! Is there such a thing? YES! I’m telling you! and we just went for this yummy vegan soup (accidentally). Seriously, don’t you curious what do they put in the bowl? It’s quite interesting as everything literally just look like a normal food with meat and hey, it tastes like meat also!!! A bit different but you know, dang yum! I sooooo want you guys to see and experience it with me so check the vlog out if you got few mins ! Oh! the fest lasts 10 days so let’s see if I could make it the for the whole period! :D Bwhaha

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



㋡ Here's my main gears !


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Greetings, sweetie sweetie waybe

I'm not a vegan, but I've tried vegan food and found it delicious. There in your country there are vegan food choices, shown in your video, that I've never seen here. In the same way there are options here that should not exist there. It is good that this exchange can be created and learning increases.

Thank you and good morning!!!!

Haaa Thanks for watching! I can't imagine how the vegan food in Brazil would be. All I think about is Brazilian grilled (a lot) of meat!!! I couldn't watch your vid this morning but will try again tonight! :)

Yay!! I wish I was there... I'll be there next year though and I'm vegan. Cant wait to try Thai vegan dishes.
Thanks for the video!!

Oh my! if you really come through, totally hit me up so we could arrange some meetups! :D (I'm normally not a vegan but we could find some good spots for sure! :D)

For sure! yeah im really coming ill let you know as soon as i decide on the departure date

You never fail to make me smile. 😉 And that noodles look DELICIOUS.

Haaaa Thanks for watching Sergio!!! :) <3

This video was so funny! Particularly the flight of the vegan meatball! I wish I was there during the vegan festival! This seems like the best festival in the world!

10 days! You can do this! Even I can do this!

Hahahaha if you think this is the best fest in the world, you have to try to make your way to Thailand in the middle of April or stay here till then. There's a Songkran Fest! :D but yes, I sure love the fest and been missing it for quite a few year so I'm excited to join it this year! I think I can do it as well! Hahaha :D

😂🐸😂Holy Flying Meatball!!!!😂🐸😂

At least it wasn't real meat (that would be tragic) lolol

I know from hearing you speak in other videos that you love real meat. So I'm not worried about you converting to the dark side 😂😂😂 Ha ha

Another awesome vid
Your cousin had so much too say.

Great Job Mo


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Hahhaha Thanks for watching and yes, that flying meatball. Even it's not a real meat, I was sad still to lose it unexpectedly LOLOL

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the meatball!!!!!

Entertaining as usual!

Winny out...for now ;)

I knowwwww!!! hahahahah

Looks good and very healthy! Can't wait to try Thai Vegan dishes when I get there :)

Normally it's not that easy to find one. Now that it's the vegan fest, you see it everywhere! :D

I totally agree!

I thought it is not so easy to find vegan stuff in Thailand

During this vegan fest, it so is! Fly here ! The flight is not so expensive! :D

Now that you mention again, I think is the 9/9 festival 9th day of 9th lunar month thing, right?

Bwahaha let me do some research as I will be writing a post about it today anyways :)

Nine Emperor Gods Festival
The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, nine-emperor-gods-festival-celebrated-with-primarily in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia by the local Chinese communities.

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Nice one! :) That moment when it fall down is priceless ;D

Hahahha Thanks for watching! You always watch my content from weeks ago. :D :D jk! Thanks for watching, really!

I try to catch up with other creators vlogs while I'm eating 🤗 and it is your time now 😎

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Hahahhaa that is very cooooool ! :D