Not single. Not Taken. Yes, HUNGRY | Secret eating spot in the center of Siam | Introducing my sister first time on Steemit!

in food •  5 months ago

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Went to Siam area with my sister yesterday. If you don’t know so, yes, I do have sister. Pretty one! :D We went hang out and have dinner together. I took her to this place I found not so long ago. My sister didn’t even know this place exist even though it’s just literally located in the center of this trendy area in Bangkok.

The place called ’Ton Oak’. I hadn’t known about it either until my cousin who lived in the area recommended to me. Been there quite a few times and my favourite of all is the deep fried beef/pork topped with super crispy deep fried basil (the one I got in the vlog).

Good food, reasonable price, simply cute decoration.. and that’s why I so recommend if you ever visit Bangkok one day :)

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤

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beautiful sister, surely you are similar, equally beautiful. Greetings to you beautiful. have a nice day.

Food and family.. nothing could be more satisfying.


Haha couldn't agree more! :)

sounds yummy food .. I love beef and with basil sounds delish......


I love both of them combined too! :D

Sister shy to face the camera


Hahaa it was me! :D ❤️


I thought I see the similarity. :-)

You always have such a great smile and a great spirit.


Wowww, you're just too kind hahaha ❤️