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Floating Restaurant and Lake Filled With Fish

in food •  6 months ago


Khrua 1 Tambon Restaurant

You can find this amazing place at Phang Nga province not far from Khao Sok National park. Restaurant is build from bamboo on lake just next to main road so its hard to miss. This place its quiet busy so maybe is possible that you will wait for your table.


I get taste for some sea food so i order Garlic Pepper prawns with vegetable and rice. Food was on the table in 5 minutes and taste so good. For only 150 Thb (less then 5$) i was full and happy.


The lake on witch is restaurant build is filled with many kinds of Asian fishes. If you want you can buy bag of dry fish food for 20Thb (about 0.6$) and feed fishes.



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your food make me hungry ..... a lot of fish :-)


Was so yummy..:) Thank you

Oh gosh!!!fishes are huge!!!!Is it safe for giving a food?


If you dont put your hands into water, its ok..:)

Wow excellent place and wonderful floating food court. The food looking so tasty most of the prawn curry..

nice place, i mean the restaurant is on the water floating is the main attraction. good yummy food.

A když ti náhodou nesedne objednané jídlo, můžeš rovnou nakrmit rybičky ;-)


I to by se dalo..:)


Zajímavý nápad, něco podobného jsem viděl na Kružberku, jenom asi s trochu jinými druhy ryb :D

Btw, gratuluju k čerstvé šedesátce! :) V této fázi už ta reputace leze nahoru hodně pomalu...


Dekuji, dlouho jsem na ni cekal..:D