Cheese of the Week #1 - Manchego Anejo Cheese

in #food4 years ago

Hello fellow Steemians,

Join me in this delicious adventure of CHEESE!!

For this week, we tried this beautiful Manchego Anejo Cheese from Trader Joe’s.


Manchego Anejo cheese is a hard sheepmilk cheese originating from Spain. It has been aged for over 12 months and has a smooth, tangy taste with a strong, pungent-y distinctive sheepmilk flavor, which may sound gross, but it’s more of a gentle “mew” than a screeching “baaa.”

Delicious on its own with a nice French baguette or top it on omelettes!

Have you tried Manchego cheese before?



Yes! I had some today! Definitely more a gental "mew" than a screeching "baaa." 😂😂😂

looks delicious, but in Indonesia there is no manvhego cheese