FUGU!! Japan's deadly delicacy

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How's it going Steemers?

Remember that Simpson's episode where Homer eats the Japanese dish fugu?

They think he was poisoned by the dish? And he was left with only 48 hours to live. All because the head chef's hands were busy??

"My hands are busy"

Well the other week, I was in Dontonburi in Osaka, Japan. And I found a restaurant that specialises in the infamous FUGU!

After a couple of sakes from the local Family Mart we built up the courage to give this deadly dish a try..

So what is FUGU I hear you ask??
Well it's a puffer fish.

But the catch is that the intestine, ovaries and liver of the puffer fish are SUPER poisonous! Apparently 1200 times deadlier than cyanide.

If you ingest the poison you only have some where between 20 minutes and 24 hours before the muscles in your body stop working. You end up dying from asphyxiation from not being able to breath. What a horrible way to go hey, it sure must be a tasty dish then??

The chef that prepares the fugu dish has to go through many years of training before he is allowed to serve fugu in a restaurant.

We ordered a plate of FUGU to share between us. We asked the waitress if it was safe and she ensured us it is fine.

The dish came out and the chef informed us it was safe and that this was fugu sashimi, boiled fugu and some fugu skin.

He sat with us as we ate. I guess to make sure everything was fine.

The taste of the sashimi was very gelatinous. It didn't taste fishy at all. Maybe I had one too many sake but it didn't really have much flavour.

We washed it down with some more sake. Then thanked the chef as we left. Lucky for us his hands weren't busy 😉

I definitely don't think this dish is something to die for...

"Now we play the waiting game" we joked with each other.

The good news is we lived to tell the tale, so stay tuned for more stories from my Japan trip.

Thanks for stopping by and happy travels 😊

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Out of curiosity, how much was that plate?

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It was about $80 Australian with small bottle of sake.

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Do you remember how much yen? Blame the silly Yank who can't into Aussie dollars... 🤣

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Haha all good 😊 just under 7000 yen

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So a little spendy, but to be expected with upscale exotic food.

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Yeah it wasn't cheap. But had to try it once while I was in Japan.

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If I may ask, what brought you out there?

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I always wanted to do the mari karts through the streets of Tokyo. So we went to Japan for my bday and spent 2 weeks travelling around. I have done a couple of posts about the trip, alot more post to come from Japan 😊 such a fun time over there!

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1200 times more poisonous than cyanide... 😱😱😱
And I guess the price isn't cheap for this deadly dish...
Maybe I will pass on this one...

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Yes it can be very deadly if cut wrong. And it sure wasn't cheap, but I can now tick it off my list 😊 cheers for the tip much appreciated 😁

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Whoaa!! not sure if I want to eat this delicacies :D too extreme for me.

Haha yes it sure is a risky dish 😊

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