Good Bye Teddy...

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Poor Teddy, it just look so cute but no choice, it has to be eaten or it would be spoiled.

You may be wondering what am i talking about.

You see since i was experimenting with eggs for Devil Eggs a deviled eggs challenge by @naltedtirt, i thought i might as well try out moulded eggs too.

I bought the moulds years ago, never got unpack from its wrapping and never gave it a try until yesterday.

So while preparing the Devil Eggs, i gave the moulds a try too.

First: Boil the eggs

Next: Peel the eggs and put in into the respective mould.

Then soak the moulds into cold water. I didn't really time it, during these time i decorate my Devil Eggs with sesame and peanuts and taking photo of the Devil Eggs.

Once done with Devil Eggs, i removed the eggs from the moulds and voila, eggs transformation:

Egg Teddy

Adorable Teddy right?

Egg Bunny

Egg Car

Have you ever seen a car swimming in instant tom yum noodle before?

Thanks for stopping by 😊

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Now I have learned something!

😊i learn devil egg from you too

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Try it with just a little mayo sometime

i will if i have got any mayo with me :D

I am going to have to get me some of those smasher things.

Yes, n u will made wonderful eggs for your food "fest". Try searching online for egg mould. Should be able to get.

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Will do. Thank you.

That Noddles look so inviting 😋😋

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Its tom yum instant noodle so abit spicy. Do you take spicy food? 😋

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Why..? Sure...

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Cake for Vangie

Thank you 😊

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You are welcome

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Those look so fun! If I had the GrandGeorges more often, I could get away with this!

fun and cute and most important its edible too!! haha

I didn't even know that this was a thing!!
How cute is that?
Where did you find these ?

daiso or the other similar like daiso forgot the name......cute right? bought it but nvr get to try it....i need a more flexible job...