Banana ...

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Banana is very useful and healthy has many calories and protein.
The doctor also suggest us to eat this kind
of fruit more...

الموز مفيد جدا وصحي
يحتوي الطعام على العديد من السعرات الحرارية والبروتينات.
يقترح الطبيب أيضًا أن نأكل من هذا النوع
من الفاكهة أكثر ...


because,it's very important food for
human body and banana is very healthy everyday we should eat this kind of food...

لأنه من المهم جدا الغذاء
جسم الإنسان والموز صحي جدا
يجب أن نأكل هذا النوع من الطعام ...


Beautiful phographty friend

Thank you for visiting my blog @fendy78

even though I don't eat bananas, I like the post. you have been upvoted by @getpromoted & my associated accounts. Thank you for your contribution.

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