Live Truth Productions Presents "Giving Because There's More Than Enough Of Everything - BEING The Change We Want To See In This World"

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Live Truth Productions is a multimedia publishing house & more from the Garden of Eden sustainable ecovillage!

Education is one of our primary focuses: we want to inspire everyone to think outside the box and open themselves to the infinite possibilities that exist for ALL aspects of life, and we encourage free thinkers to CHOOSE a full spectrum life of thrival that adds value for all beings and our Earth! 

To that end, we want to share some of our projects with you!

While our @truthproductions account has only been active for over than half a year on Steemit, we have been hard at work behind the scenes in service to the @gardenofeden's community mission for almost a decade! We have hundreds of thousands of photos, thousands of videos, articles, graphics, and designs, and multiple websites that illuminate sustainable, honorable, responsible options that support a better world for all creatures and our living planet, and we look forward to continuing to share them here on the blockchain.

We have been visual artists for years with combined decades of experience, and Steemit productions are one of our latest masteries! We offer our consulting services to help one and all improve their own success on this platform - stay tuned for an upcoming post with more info.

Now, to get to today's post - we gave away hundreds of pounds of free food!

We gave away a few hundred pounds of food today!

The people who came by were very grateful for the abundance we shared. 

One gentleman had been to a few food banks and encountered great difficulty in getting assistance. A church even denied him food when he revealed that he did not have a religious affiliation!

This is why we exist. There is a problem with values in this country. We have an abundance of resources, but people are expected to perform in order to get them.

We don't agree with those standards. A better way is possible!

Every human being has a right to food, air, water, and shelter regardless of how much money they have or what beliefs they hold. 

As long as everyone tries to control everyone to be like they are, holding judgment and manipulation, then we will not progress to peace and harmony.

We must learn to love for the sake of love and to agree to disagree. It is when we help for the sake of helping that we inspire and touch. Then maybe change is possible. Not because we forced it, but because we loved it into being!

This is why we share prolifically. @quinneaker dreamed up a better world, and we spend our energy, time, and resources in being the change to make it so.

Thanks for tuning in today ~ we hope you enjoyed and found value in this Live Truth Production!

Memorial Day weekend at the Garden of Eden Arlington - we're hosting the LAST EPIC EVENT at our property before launching into the next dimension.


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The @truthproductions team: 





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I've been on both sides of giving. It does inspire. It does help in so many ways. As a kid in a ghetto, people helped us. We got food boxes from The Salvation Army, churches, and others. People helped me & my family at times when we needed it. When I grew up, I got involved in those kinds of things as well & was giving out to people who needed it. Thanks for sharing the Truth Productions and everything. I'm Oatmeal.


Thanks for sharing.
We are all part of the solution~*~

Thank you for being the love and change so desperately needed. Thank you for practicing what you preach.
Much love to you all

You guys continue to inspire.

However, there was absolutely no need mentioning that a church denied a man food over religious affiliation. Why? Because it sounds made up and it achieves nothing. The least you can do if you must add something like that is to at least verify independently.

Still it takes nothing from all you've been doing. You guys rock

Be the change you want to see in the world~
We are the power~*~