It's all about Bacon, isn't it? My true love, forever!

in food •  last year

Alright, you just had a closer look at some amazing bacon and egg.. Already hungry? 

I freaking love Bacon and Egg

I am sorry, just hat to say that I love it.. However, how about some more Bacon?

Are you tired of bacon and eggs? Well, you can spice it up with a nice Bacon & Egg Sandwich... I really love this one...

..or of course, you use the bacon to make sure there is enough fat on the plate to grill all the gorgeous meat...

Ok guys, I am done with it. From time to time I will post some "Rubbish-Posts", just because. Next post will be about Zero Knowledge Encryption and why you should really care about Zero Knowlege! In case you don't want to miss it, you know what to do...

And yes: this is all cooked and eaten by me. Cheers.

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