Tasty Tuesday's: Making Vegan Cheese

in food •  3 months ago

Hello Steemian Friends!

Hope you are well and enjoying the week so far! Here goes another Tasty Tuesday's, and today we are making vegan cashew cheese for the first time.

Vegan cheese is something that Becca has been wanting to make for a long time to try it out, and Sam of course is up to trying new food. He's a big foodie!

The outcome was a bit too bitty for Becca, she was hoping for a smoother texture but didn't want to add too much liquid to the mixture. We didn't want cheese sauce, we wanted a cheese spread! All in all, we are quite happy with the outcome, although it has not so much of a cheesy taste, maybe next time we should add more nutritional yeast. Becca will no doubt be having it with most of her meals, Sam might try it here and there. We are looking forward to spreading it on sandwiches, with pasta dishes, baked potatoes and salads. Mmmmm....

If you get a chance to try this out we recommend it, even if it is just to try it out like us.

Stay Classy Steemians!

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Very cool! I would love to try this, I've been dying to make some and see if I can fake out friends and family haha.


Give it a go! Try to make it less bitty and more smooth than ours. It's all in the blender, but maybe if you put the cashew nuts in bit by bit then that would help too! You can fake your friends and family out by making Mac N' Cheese vegan style. 😋

You guys are so cute! I enjoyed watching your video, I think we could meet again and cook togather! ;)


Thanks @mayasiam for your compliment! Sorry for the background noise as the kitchen was used by Sam's mum too making lunch. Plus, we're sure you heard Sam's nephew crying in one part. Big and busy household yesterday.
Yes, we should meet up and cook together. Like we said before, May is a busy month for us, but we can organize a time in June. Friday's are our best days for a meet-up 😊