Brunch Obsession Series 🍳

in food •  last year 

If you've gotten to know me a bit on this platform, then you know how obsessed I am with brunch! Having spent the last 10 years in the brunch capital of Canada I have tasted my way through many a brunch menu, and now I'm tackling the Vancouver scene! I figured that because I go out for breakfast quite a lot, I would take you guys along :) This first post is just a sneak peak into the Vancouver brunch scene, but stay tuned for more exciting brunch adventures!

This place has been a fave for a while now, but it never gets old. Next time you're in Vancouver (or if you live here), make sure to check out Tuc!


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Jen 🍷

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Yum! 😋
That looks awesome!!
I love brunch too! Especially if they have bottomless mimosas! 😉👍

Wonderful place that sure is. I get to know this from the food variety. I mean no ordinary place can produce such amazing food. Thanks for the image. Really like the food.

Ah brunch. My favourite meal of the day! Fabulous snap!

hmmm yammy.....i am getting tempted now....i will definitely try this...keep it up

Totally agree, brunch or breakfasts are my favorite and for some reason breakfast buffets in hotels. You are inspiring me to travel more...!

Mmmmm.......keep it up