Spooky ~ Halloween Fast Food released in Japan

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Lotteria has rolled out a complely wild and wacky menu for the super fast popularity Halloween has gain in just a few short years. My kids have convienced me to go with them tomorrow to try some of these out... I'm scared of the purple goo.

The Purple magic of extra long bacon with the exquisite cheese burger coffin box

The sauce comes from sweat potato powder it saw - sounds about as good as it looks :(

The Purple magic cheese burger with the "Wolf man" wrapper or the Halloween shrimp burger in the "Jackolattern" wrapper.

For the side menu, they have the two types of "Jack-O-Lantern" bag potatoes or a "Halloween bucket potato" of fries which comes with a sleeve that turns into party glasses. The other bucket is "Halloween bucket of fried cheeze and chicken.

A seasoning pack is provided with black pepper of red pepper as well as garlic to ward off the evil of Dracula (vampires).

And burger can be customized with these add-ons (patty, patty w/cheese, bacon, juicy egg, cheese, lettuce, cabbage, tomato, onions, and sauces: mayo, teriyaki, tartar or curry)

They also coma out with a full range or Halloween themed shakes (vanilla, chocolate, strawbery) with 5 straw choices, and a desert with wrist band accessory (4 types of Italian gelato with berries)

I'll brave up and try the burger that looks like it has a bacon tongue with purple goo. And I'll let you know how it tastes.... if I make it out alive. MUHAHAHA

Link to Lotteria's announcement about their special Halloween message:
Use Google translater to read what it says about the different items.


I guess they give you the COFFIN to place what's left of your heart after it clogs up from eating the double cheesburger with the purple bacon tongue thing.
You may want to ask the stats on how many they've had carted off in the meat wagon so far since the Halloween menu came out. :)

I might as well get them to put an egg on it as well if it is my last burger and all. But I'm hoping the garlic fries will help keep me safe.

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