Epic Battles of Everything #3: Nutella vs. Merenda

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Last night I had a chit-chat with my mom and we decided to make chocolate cake. I am dieting at the moment, but instead of giving myself a whole cheat day as I planned to, I decided to give him a cheat meal: a slice of chocolate cake with milk for tomorrow's breakfast. Not too bad, huh? 

I mean when mama decides to bring back nice childhood memories and happy moments, the planet stops rotating for me and everything holds back, including my diet. So, after talking and planning about it, the whole thing came down to one of the greatest dilemmas in the history of mankind: Nutella or Merenda? 

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I know that Nutella is globally famous and that most of you right now are probably wondering "who da fock is Merenda?" Am I right? No please tell me, am I right? 

See, life's not fair but you probably know that already! Even though I could mention many examples how life's not fair for folks who happen to be born in the wrong region of this planet and so on, I will focus on a non-stressing matter as sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread is

Nutella is undoubtedly the most famous "player" of its kind worldwide, and it's manufactured by the Italian giant named Ferrero. It was introduced to the world back in the mid-1960's and since then hundreds of millions of kids and adults have become happily obese thanks to its fantastic taste and texture. 


On the other hand, we've got Merenda. A proud "child" of the legendary Greek titan Pavlides, a chocolate brand with more than 150 years of history and more than 20 international awards for its excellence and quality of products. For that matter, they also have beautiful girls advertising them as you can clearly see here...


Conclusively, there are two kinds of people in this case (or so I think): those who as I already mentioned will probably be like, "Who da fock is Merenda and Pavlides? Nutella all the way baby!" and those who will be like, "Wow, merenda looks good. I wish I could find it where I live and give it a try." The only sure thing is that it would totally worth a try since you've got nothing to lose by trying new things. 


As for the "arrogant ones"...You were probably saying exactly the same things before Greek yogurt or Greek honey and olive oil conquer your local markets. Just be open-minded in life; some things just never become popular because of poor promotion and lack of interest from people in key-positions (unfortunately). 

As for me? I've got to go to the supermarket now and get Merenda and Nutella as my mama loves both, even though the French in her suggests that French praline is the best. We've got a damn cake to make ;)

Cheers and God Bless All!!!

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Loved your post!! I have to admit, I was thinking "what is Merenda" THEN you threw in the French Praline...I think between you and @loveisintheair, my diet is done!!

And imagine if you tasted it! You would go crazy, believe that ;)

PS. I saw you....You're super-disciplined, so I don't worry about your silhouette ;)

As for the "arrogant ones"...You were probably saying exactly the same things before Greek yogurt or Greek honey and olive oil conquer your local markets. Just be open-minded in life

You said it all...100%
I actually love both. I mean what the heck,I grew up with Merenda...
But I definitely love them both.Just like your mama does

Mama always knows better bro ;) he he

You must share a picture with the cake and for my next visit to 🇬🇷 Greece I put Merenda on my to do list. How’s going with your diet?
And btw how is @alinak15? Is she okay?

Hey beautiful :)

I posted a photo of the cake just now ;)

Alina is fine, she will be back soon!!!! And when you're in Greece, you better let me know so we can go eat some delicious Greek food ;)

Glad to hear she is fine, we are waiting for her!! I am going to check it right now!! OFC i will let you know!!! :*

Both are dope, but personally I prefer Merenda! Especially the dark one! Hell!

You spoke the truth, brother :)

I'd definitely give Merenda a try :)

That's the right attitude if you ask me ;)

Oh yeah I'd eat it! You on the other hand should try nocciolata :)


The big difference is the proportion of hazelnut. I can’t tell the taste of hazelnut in Merenda, so the percentage of hazelnut is understandable. Maybe those who like hazelnut are likely to prefer Nutella…? I like them both though... I mean, it's chocolate right?

True, Merenda is not as thick, it's sweeter and more chocolaty than hazelnuty ;)

I'm Italian and I have something to say about it. Did you know that the Nutella we have in Italy tastes more of hazelnut compared to the one we export, that is way more sweet?
Nutella is the best, hands down. I can't believe there is something better than it. I don't care about those girls, Ferrero has it as well.

Faith is a great thing but never forget to take your chances and try new things. It may be a life changer kind of thing ;)

I've tried the nutella, but just look at the picture of merenda, my mouth watering, and my brain tells me to try the merenda.
Go quickly to the supermarket to buy either, do not go mad at your mother, I would be angry if my son, takes so long to prepare a cake, hahahaha.

Merenda RULES ;)

Μερεντα φίλε...

From my recollection... as I don’t eat them on a daily and haven’t compared the two in a while... Merenda has a thicker consistency like a (nut) butter spread vs Nutella is a bit more creamy almost like a thick milky honey...?

Καλή απόλαυση!

Thanks bro. No Merenda is not as thick as nutella and melts easier. It's also more chocolaty and sweet. In my opinion Merenda tastes easily better but that's just my personal preference ;)

Ok I stand corrected. (I thought) I like merenda better too... lol

ION NU Krema is actually the best ...

Nah man! Come on now? For real? lol

Yes. I am very serious with my chocolates ...

I love nutella

Me encanta la nutella y en el pastel aun mas. Delicioso! Gracias por compartir

I love Merenda especially the crunchy one!! Oh dear God!! I'm gonna buy one now actually! :P