Yogurt dessert with pineapples

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This dessert is very light and tasteful and is easily consumed after meals with a lot of fat and meat! The only disadvantage is that it has to seat in the fridge for some hours till is ready.


Ingredients: 200 gr of jello powder with pineapple flavor, 2 compotes of pineapple, 100 gr of whipping cream in the form of powder which you whip with 200 ml milk, 1kgr of cows’ yogurt 2% fat. Anything you prefer as a garnish


Put the pineapple slices in a strainer to drain. Save 1 glass of the pineapple syrup from the compotes and put it in a small pot. Once it starts simmering, add the jello powder. Let it dissolve while tossing. Once ready, put it in the fridge until it becomes thick - like honey.


In a big bowl mix the whipping cream powder with the milk, and whip with a mixer until it becomes a thick cream. Add the yogurt and whip. Once the jello is a bit thick, add it to the mixture. Turn off the mixer and add the pineapple which you have cut in small pieces (save some for decoration). Mix with a big spoon. Pour the mixture in a nice bowl and place in the fridge to cool down.


Decorate before serving.


Finally I have almost all the ingredients ...

Really? I am glad! Good luck!!!!

Thanks! If I don't succeed I have no excuse.

That looks really awesome @tikotiko!
By the way do you know there's a ingredient specific monthly cook off happening by qurator?

I encourage you to go have a look and see whether you are game for it!

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Thank you very much! 😀😀😀 will do!

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