Why we don't order salads when we go out (based on a true story)!

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My mind was blown today, like, bigtime! I always used to wonder why is it that all of us are more inclined to get a burger in a pang of hunger than a salad. Putting aside the obvious fact that burgers are delicious as hell.

Then this happened...

Story Time

Today, I got really freakin hungry at work and I had forgotten to bring lunch with me from home. Generally when this happens, I go to the supermarket nearby and buy something healthy to eat with a side of fruit. Today though I was really angry and pissed off and I was like fuck this shit, I'm just gonna go and buy me a subway. Technically speaking I do not consider a subway THAT unhealthy, but like I am trying to avoid carbs these days as much as I can. So, this was sort of going to be my comfort food.

I finally reached subway and I had so many different delicious breads to choose from, I was going to buy the veggie patty with lost of cheese, all the vegetables and at least three sauces. Just as I was about to order this, my eyes met a very beautiful looking salad and I thought to myself, hey, maybe I will just get this salad. Perhaps it will be cheaper because then it is just the chicken and vegetables and no bread. So I just go and order a Fajita salad (It has chicken pieces cooked in some mind-blowing spices and added to the salad). When it was time to pay, as it turns out it was 2 euros more expensive than a normal subway (I was in a rush so I did not check the price prior to ordering.). Then it hit me, this is half the reason why we are more likely to get something greasy and not salad.

As if staying healthy wasn't difficult already and then you make healthier options like salads more expensive! Then why on earth would anyone ever want to buy it! I wish we could start soem sort of petition in order to get these prices reduced in an effort to promote healthy choices.

The subway salad I ate, the picture does not do justice, it looked and tasted more like heaven.

This being said, can I please add that the subway salad like blew my friggin mind away. It was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. There were so many things in it and uff that chicken. If you haven't tried it yet, you should!

Someone great once said “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”

Written by @things, 2018. All rights reserved.
Images by Pexels


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@things i don't know why me too don't order salads when order food from outside

Health is wealth and eating such tastier salads is obvious good for health....atleast better than junky burger. Though it looks delicious and with your reaction i would say it is full worth of money and you wont regret the 2 € extra you paid for it👍


It really was worth it!

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