CookIt! - see it, cook it, love it! - Episode III - Italian Burger!

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May I present to you my plain composition of a marvelous Italian Burger!



  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad
  • Chicken
  • Mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Burger Patties
  • Ketchup
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Oregano
  • Salt and Pepper

Let's start

cut the Potatoes into slices so they got the typical fries form. Add some fresh Rosemary to it. Salt it. Pepper it. And put it into the oven!

cut the Onions in rings and slice the Mozzarella

roast the chicken very little

get your fresh Oregano from your garden and prepare the Chicken. Add the Mozareella and the Onions on top of it


put the patties into the oven

prepare a salad with green salad leaves, carrots and refine it with orange olive oil, salt and pepper!

mix a delicious burger sauce with ketchup, cream and pesto!

now you can put the final pieces together and enjoy the results!

If you have any question or inspirational thought don't hesitate to write or to ask!

Have a good one,



Thank you for sharing the recipe. If the burgers taste anywhere close to the way they look then it must be great. Must be great to have acces to all those fresh herbs right in the garden. Just amazing!

They were delicious!!

Congratulations @theguy!
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Ok..I neer cooked in my life. Well I worked at KFC but I don't think this counts as cooking.

My point is ...dud..what you are doing is awesome..I just pressed the follow button..

You probably won't believe me, but what you just said to me gives me such motivation. I'm really glad I changed a bit of your perspective! =)

Very good work dear friend @theguy, I am from a province where we eat a lot of hamburgers, it's a big deal here, this looks very delicious, I must admit, it has opened the appetite, thank you very much for sharing the recipe

I'm really happy I could share it with you, dear @nano2nd!

Great burger and the fries also look fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

You're welcome!! :)

This looks so delicious. I have to try it!

Give me a message when ur next time in Hamburg. Be my guest! =)

When do we cook next time? I will feature you as my guest