👌 Show the LOCAL SAUCE that comes from your country and WIN STEEM! [FOODspedition #19]

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FOODspedition returns to the menu! Over the last month a lot of good and bad things have happened. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict everything during the trip, but this is probably the best part of it. After the loss of equipment and problems with accommodation, I can finally say that I'm back on track. I will write more about it in the next posts.

But now finally we will take care of something delicious! In each country we can find extras that give even ordinary dishes a unique character. Each cuisine has its own sauces, which even a few drops can enchant the whole our plate. In this round we will see sauces from all over the world! The prize pool in this round is 6 STEEM!

How to take part in the FOODspedition?

➡ In the comment show us a picture of the sauce that comes from your country.
➡ Write its name and describe it briefly.
➡ In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM.

Important! If you are using an image that you are not the author please enter its source. I will check the entries and if the author does not provide the source of the photo or description he uses will be disqualified.

Members of the FOODspedition, who will take photos or prepare the whole dish on their own, have a much more chance to win a prize. 😉

What you can win?

From your comments I will choose and award three, in my opinion, the most interesting entries, and the authors will receive prizes! In the prize pool of that round we have 6 STEEM!

How to make an entry?

I will show you this on the example of a fantastic sauce that comes from Malaysia!

Name: Sambal Belacan
Country: Malaysia
Price: 1 RM / 0.25 USD / 2 STEEM

Info:I will be honest - there was no sparkle between us at the first meeting. But now Sambal Belacan lands on my plate basically every day.
It's made from shrimp paste, the taste of which is very characteristic and I'm sure that many of you wouldn't be his fans after the first bite.
Besides the paste, the sauce contains a lot of chilli peppers, onion, tomato and lime juice. Each "makcik" (auntie) in Malaysia has its own way and proportions which she uses every day. Some of them add to Sambal paste from tamarinds, sugar or garlic. However, the base remains the same.
This sauce is an ideal addition to fish, which we will find a lot in Malaysia. Local people think that I'm weird, because I like to add it also to chicken or beef. 🤣

And now it's time for your entry!
Show us the sauce that comes from your country in the comment!

Good luck & have fun!

If you love good food, like me, resteem this post! Thanks to this we will see more delicious food from all over the world. 🌏

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Name: Peking Duck Sauce
Country: China
Price: RMB 6.5 / 1 USD / 2 STEEM

I guess Peking Duck is a well-known Chinese delicacy that is popular among foreign eaters as well as the locals. Except for the succulent duck meat and fresh vegetables, the sweet plum sauce going with them also contributes to the great taste. I've been living in different continents out of China, but I always have this Peking Duck Sauce in my home. 🙂

The sauce's ingredients include salted plum, sugar, water, tomato paste, sesame paste, soybean oil and fermented soybean paste which is made of water, salt, soybeans and wheat flour. As you can see from my photos, we usually place the sauce with roasted duck, cucumber and spring onion strips on a wrapper, and then eat everything in a roll. Just take a bite and you will never forget the divine flavors! 😃 Have you tried eating Peking Duck with this sauce before?


@itchyfeetdonica thank you for your entry!
I tried Peking Duck but not with this sauce, I have to do it! :D

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Name: garlic sauce
Country: Venezuela
Price: 1500.00Bs.s / 0.500 USD / 1 STEEM

Information: Garlic sauce well known in our country for being the companion of almost all our breakfasts and parties which never fails and which never fails at the time of making it. With empanadas or on a grill or bread is ideal and very easy to do what is important.
I always have in my fridge because it is very practical and easy to make just a little mayonnaise a few grains of garlic, lemon and salt and ready a sauce at hand.


@gabriela24 it looks awesome! Thank you for your entry! :)

Hello, I was already starting to miss your contests haha

Name: Guasacaca
Country: Venezuela
Price: 3500 bs / 1 $ / 2Steem

The guasacaca is a sauce with a lot of variety, in different parts of the country they prepare it in different ways, however the basic recipe is: avocado, cilantro, onion, garlic, chili and spices, all well blended, I like to make it one night and use it the other day since it tastes better and sometimes I add pepper, other people also add mayonnaise but I prefer it without mayonnaise.

De Jason Lam - 01 Guasacaca & Chips, CC BY-SA 2.0, Enlace

PD: I really like the combination of guasacaca and grilled meat

@joseangelvs I also miss it, good to see you buddy! :)
Your sauce looks delicious! Thank you for entry!

mógłbyś zajrzeć na steem.chat bo mam do Ciebie sprawę :)

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Name: Pesto Sauce
Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 2€/2.27$/4.92 Steem

Info: Italy has a lot of great sauces, but in my opinion pesto is the best one.It Is typical of my country and in particular of Liguria, where the climate is not so cold in winter and all the ingredients can grow without problem all the year.


  • Basil: this is the main ingredient in this recipe, because it gives a good taste to the sauce and we use only the leaves.
  • Pine Nuts: this is the crispy part of the sauce. There are a lot of pines in Liguria.
  • Olive Oil: this kind of oil is very famous all over the world, because its taste is amazing and it is important in this recipe to mix all the ingredients together.

Process: all the ingredients are mixed together. To have a better result, it is necessary that they do not heat too much. We use this sauce with pasta, pizza and waterboiled vegetables. It is great!!!

Thank you @the.foodini for your contest and have nice weekend!

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