🍳 Show the BREAKFAST DISH that comes from your country and WIN STEEM! [FOODspedition #18]

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That's why I'm curious with what dish do you start the day? Is there a table filled with eggs with toasts, cereals or maybe with local treats that can be found only in your country? I think we'll get to know a lot of interesting dishes in this round, so let's get started! The prize pool in this round is 6 STEEM!

How to take part in the FOODspedition?

➡ In the comment show us a picture of the breakfast dish that comes from your country.
➡ Write its name and describe it briefly.
➡ In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM.

Important! If you are using an image that you are not the author please enter its source. I will check the entries and if the author does not provide the source of the photo or description he uses will be disqualified.

Members of the FOODspedition, who will take photos or prepare the whole dish on their own, have a much more chance to win a prize. 😉

What you can win?

From your comments I will choose and award three, in my opinion, the most interesting entries, and the authors will receive prizes! In the prize pool of that round we have 6 STEEM!

How to make an entry?

I will show you this on the example of a fantastic breakfast that comes from Malaysia!


Name: Roti Telur
Country: Malaysia
Price: 2,5 RM / 0.60 USD / 1,2 STEEM

Info:You will meet Roti in many different forms across the whole of Malaysia. They are hand-made from dough consisting of flour, butter, water and eggs. Preparation is quite time-consuming because the dough has to be kneaded properly.

However, what charmed me in this dish is the way it is prepared, it really requires a lot of skill and experience. Instead of describing it, I will simply show you a video:

Roti Telur is a version of Roti, in which we will find an egg, but there are many more types of these breads. What they have in common is the way they are served. Usually you will get them in a set with curry, daal and sambal. All these extras have a lot of taste and make the dish extremely tasty.

And now it's time for your entry!
Show us the breakfast dish that comes from your country in the comment!

Good luck & have fun!

If you love good food, like me, resteem this post! Thanks to this we will see more delicious food from all over the world. 🌏

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Name: Tequeyoyos
Country: Venezuela
Price: 4000bs / 4.7 Steem / 1.5$ US

The Tequeyoyos, are made with dough, stuffed with ripe fried plantain, cheese and ham and then fried, they are crispy and very delicious, the contrasate between the sweetness of the banana and the salty of the cheese is spectacular.


Name: Zulianas Mandocas
Country: Venezuela
Price: 2500 Bs / 3.2 steem / 1 $

Breakfast is the main meal, and we Venezuelans like to start the day in good health, and for that there is nothing better than the popular Zulian mandullas.
The mandocas consist of a mass of corn flour that is complemented with a touch of salt, brown sugar, grated cheese and milk, these ingredients are kneaded, once they are unified, they add pure ripe banana and continue kneading until this uniform.

It is shaped as a circle and in a frying pan with hot oil we place them to fry until they are well browned.
Traditionally we accompany them with cheese or creams, such as garlic sauce or guasacacas and our very traditional coffee with milk!

image.png Source

Name: Arepas stuffed.
Country: Venezuela
Price: 4000bs / 5.3 Steem / 2 $ US
One of the most traditional breakfasts of Venezuelans are their important arepas in each home that not only for the breakfast is also made to accompany a meal or for dinner. This is done with many contours that is the ease that the arepa has with what he adds this tastes tasty ..
It is a precooked flour that only adds salt and water to take and it is made in a round and flattened shape that can be filled with cheese, chicken, meat, fish, bananas, avocado and stop counting.
I invite you to try them.

Name: sprinkled buns.
Country: Venezuela
Price: 2000bs / 2.7 Steem / 1 $ US
The seasoned buns are the basic breakfast of the humblest villages, Therefore more tasty because they make the grandmothers with that traditional seasoning, these rolls are made with precooked flour, seasoned dressings that are left over in the fridge and there are those who throw chicken or meat all are kneaded and placed in the corn leaves tied with knots so they do not come out in the form of a gift and ready to the water to be cooked and ready.
They are very good reheated and very practical for a breakfast.

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Name: Bubur Ketan Hitam
Country: Indonesia
Price: 10.000 IDR/ 0,72 USD / 3 STEEM (Steem price on 1 FEB)


Bubur Ketan Hitam, in English is called "Black Sticky Rice Porridge". Bubur Ketan Hitam is very popular in Indonesia, especially in the area of Java Island as a breakfast. Sometimes that is eaten as dessert or food.

Bubur Ketan Hitam is served with thick coconut milk as topping to add a savory flavor. But if you do not want to add thick coconut milk as a topping, it does not matter and does not reduce the delicious taste.

Note: Photos by @anggreklestari

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