MY FOOD DIARY #1: How these resto captivates my sense of taste

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When it comes to food, everybody has their own likes and dislikes, whether it's comfort food, fine dining, or just plain snack. I like eating outside a lot, it is my way of relieving stress. Although I loved to cook but sometimes, when I’m out of the house, it cannot be avoided. I do not suggest a food or a restaurant if I never tasted its flavor and personally liked it. I see to it that when I recommend certain resto or food, I myself must have an intense feeling of desire. Now for the sake of this section, I would review some of the food and restaurant that we dined in.



I'm not really a fan of Halo Halo, aside from mixing it with effort, I don’t like eating everything mixed in one. When I crave for something to eat, it’s not the first choice that comes to my mind.

When summer arrived and we can’t bear the hot temperature of climate, my friends and I we're looking for a place to hang out, something cozy and refreshing. One of my friend’s demand is having Halo Halo in Pacita. From there, I met Ben's Halo Halo . The texture of ice and the milky white macapuno flavor is what I loved with Ben's. The superb mixture is just excellent to the sweetness of blend. It’s a mouth watering to the palate, same with Razon's.


Ben's Halo-Halo is new to the market of business services. They earned their star to compete of its one of a kind. The name itself has gained the heart of every Filipino. Today, they are one of the People’s Choice AWARDEE in 2017. Ben's Halo Halo has nailed its pride of worth.

I brought my family to Ben's Halo-Halo, for them to experience the same. Just like me, they appreciated the creamiest and luscious flavor compared to what they’ve tasted before. Everybody says it’s really 👌 good and excellent, perfect to freshen up summer. Today it’s my number one favorite Halo-Halo in the country. Try it and visit their place in Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna. You'll see what I loved.



Our getaway to Baguio had so much memories. One of that is when we’re looking for a fine dining restaurant within the city.
While exploring Baguio City we're asking the best and the nearest restaurant within that area near the park. The traffic enforcer, police officer, saleslady, the vendor and the people we met, all of them arguably suggested GOOD TASTE RESTAURANT, they are well-known in Baguio. To satisfy our curiosity we tried to locate the place.

Not far away from where we stopped alongside the busy road, we saw a three storey building with their billboard sign. We parked and went inside the place. I was amazed by the crowd because right in front of the doorstep of the building, the people were lining to go inside. The dining area are full of customers even to the 3rd floor that we almost couldn't find seats and vacant table. The amount of food we paid is worth more than it cost. Likewise, the savory taste of each dishes was totally satisfying. It really met our expectation and our contentment, and we'll never forget what we’ve experienced. A restaurant that did earned its merit and deserved to recommend.

Gregg's Fruitcakery


Gregg's Fruitcakery is located in Twin Lakes, Tagaytay City. Every time we went to Tagaytay with my friends, we go straight to Gregg’s Fruitcakery beforehand. We see to it that it’s weekdays. Why? Because it offers 50% off on all kinds of breads and pastries from 4PM onwards except cakes. The reason why we keep coming back here, aside from 50% off, the bread is definitely hot from oven. The softness and the tightened thickness of bread satiates you in just one bite. Especially their pandesal, white bread and ensaymada, the texture are not the same with other local bread makers. Even their cakes and pastries are deliciously worth to try. I liked their way of making bread as mild sweet to the palate perfect for health conscious people.

My friends commented jokingly at me when I bought in bulk, as if there’s no more tomorrow for me, they said, haha. I stocked it in a freezer and I thaw it every time I eat. The freshness is still there and it lasts longer even weeks. So, why I keep coming back to Gregg’s, while there were so many bakery nearest to my place? Well, I suggest you just have to try, I can’t tell you exactly unless you have tasted it. You’ll see the way I see it worth.

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