Oh, potatoes! :)

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I wake up in the morning and everything seems as usual... But then it turns out that several cases canceled and I have enough time to eat homemade food today! Long time with all this city bustle I did not cook potatoes on lard(bacon)...


Let's go!

Clean the potatoes...


And cut it!


Melt the lard(bacon) in the frying pan. No oil!


Add the potatoes.


Mix quite often as we fry on high heat!



After ~ 30 minutes, everything is ready! It smells very tasty!


Let's add marinated cucumbers and tomato. Bon appetit!


Sincerely, well-fed and contented Terry Craft.


I'm upvoting just for the fact that it has potatoes in it! Oh the ever-so-awesome sinful dosage of carbs! :)

owh fresh fries are the best ! :)

I am a big potato lover and this post gave me orgasms lol...

Nice instruction on how to prepare potatoes.

Your welcome.

you don't know what it tastes like.

or this

meybe you know those :D

yummy. nothing can be compared to this taste

That khnkaleh looks good...

Have you ever made yucca/cassava fries before? I think you would like them. It has more of a dense starchy flavor in comparison to potatoes.

Wow yummy, I did the same thing yesterday

Looks Yummy! All You Can Eat

This post was very informative thank you for sharing

you have my upvote

French fries are Americas favorite food.
Im happy you got some extra me time @terrycraft.

I liked the way you boiled fries without much oil good for health...

Hi @terrycraft !
i'm fatema from Pakistan. your post is awesome. but yum yum......
i'm feeling hungry ......
i've followed and upvoted you.

😳 This makes me want to give it a try! 💡

French fries baby.. My alltime favorite, hmmmm tasteful and mouthwatering.

I do not finish my lunch still now, After reading your post I getting Hungry

Hey that's an interesting post. I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me

YUM! Can you send some this way? 😃

I always forget how long it takes to cook potatoes ... so while they're still taking their sweet time, the rest of my meal is finished and getting cold! We'll just have to make them as a snack next time ;)

um... you are making me hungry!!

Very Good Recipe @terrycraft. A delight for Potato Lovers. Good One. Following You. Have a nice day.

Wow! Mouth watering food! I love potatoes... my favorite!

And I am sitting here and want something to eat

Haha) Sorry)

Bacon fat with lightly fried potatoes! Hmmm glutinous explosion in yummyiness

ahahha ready to steemit all day long! with those potatoes
Soy tu tio

Potatoes look delicious!

Ohhh...the secret ingredient - Lard (bacon). What a great idea - thanks for sharing.

One of my favorite

Looks amazing! Reminds me of my home countries potato recipe.(from Russia) looks incredibly delicious!

Nunca dejaran de ser un manjar para el paladar

This basically is my favorite dish. Latvians are crazy on potatoes and pickles!

one of my favorite dishes!)) Looks delicious !

Looks so simple to make! Will try :))

Nice, potatoes are so much more then just potatoes, baked, boiled, fried, from oven ,... Its good to see what you did with them !! Have a nice meal !

Es bueno aprender a prepararlas

Potatoes, delicious and nutritious food easy and quick to prepare.

Ha! definitely will try this one

Very nice work :) I like too fried potatoes.

Very simple and very tasty! :)

This really seems yummy and too delicious . I must say the way u have described it making makes it more mouthwatering .

Prefer sweet potato fries instead, sweet potato is not a nightshade vegetable compared to traditional potatoes which cause inflammation. Plus sweet potatoes offer more nutritional benefits like more fiber and vitamin A, supposedly less carbs too. But I love changing up between the two every so often, I just find the American diet based solely on traditional white potatoes you're asking for trouble.

someone different

Looks like its a french recipe cuisine am i right ? :D

umm i want it too

bacon and potatoes? never seen it done like that, good idea

Looks delicious Terry! I think I'll make the potatoes this morning I just bought some yesterday bon appetit!!!

Potatos look yummy!

But shouldn't you boil it for 5 mins or somehing.

Ut come a bit uncook if i do it this way.

Anyways looks yum and i believe it tastes even better

bon appetit 🍴🍹

ouuu this looks yummmmy ! :)

Wow that looks amazing. I can eat that every day. My favorite home made fried potatoes with some pickles. I would also add cheese and bread.

I'm hungry now! Love the bacon and potato combo!

Time for a potato party!

Nice Post. Thank for sharing ! <3
Upvoted and followed you!
Follow me @PhamXuan
Thank you!

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