DONUT Worry, Be Happy. Come Have Some Canadian Donut With Us!

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We had fun making this video although it's a failed one 🤣 Our 1st #mukbang and we had Canadian #doughtnut holes, Timbits.

We will learn better how to make videos on Youtube.

Please give a thumb up to encourage us 😊

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▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

We will learn better how to make videos

Keep on learning guys and I'm so happy to be part of your journey here on STEEM

thank you uncle Nathan!

LOL - donut holes.... not in our vocab... just plain ole timbits...

You know you're in Canada when someone in a crowd says - "Hey, I'm heading to Timmies." and know one says "Timmmy who?"

Have a good one - Canada Long Weekend, eh, if you are interested.

we were in Vancouver for Canada Day, it was so fun!

Heya, I can't watch the video unless I go to YT
Is that intentional?...

ugh thanks for letting me know! i just checked as well. have to see their setting

works now! thanks!

Why do you say it is a failed one? It's so cute!

because we watch other videos on Youtube and they are great, ours was and is always silly :D my baby brother is just too funny all the time :D

Awwww Omg!! they're too cute 😢💖💖💖💖

thank you :D