Fresh-Squeezed Juice, Flaming Fajitas, and Pelicans Hunting At Sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta put on a brilliantly vivid show on Saturday evening. Take a look at this sunset! It's quite possibly the most gorgeous one we've ever seen! And for an added bonus, the pelicans were in full-on hunting mode.

We never appreciated pelicans as much as we do now. They're pretty amazing creatures who will glide above the ocean and at a moment's notice dive bomb the water below to grab a fish.

From all our experiences to this point...

We can say with certainty that wandering off the beaten path and trying new places is when you find the real gems. We came across this super small juice bar that immediately won our hearts. It is the epitome of a "hole in the wall" restaurant. I'm sure if you crack open a dictionary right now, it would be right there next to that phrase. How they managed to fit three people intside there is a mystery. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, one runs the cash register, a 2nd squeezes the orange juice, and a third attends to the juicer and blender.

What we fondly call "The Mexican Capri Sun"


It's extremely affordable as compared to the prices we're accostomed to paying in the US or Puerto Vallarta during peak season. What you see here is a medium jugo verde (green juice) which has about a dozen various fruits and vegetables squeezed and blended up into a hybrid juice/smoothie. You can get a medium for 18 pesos ($0.97) or a liter for 35 pesos ($1.88).

Jugo verde is their most expensive juice—the others are 15 pesos ($0.81) for a medium and 30 pesos ($1.61) for a liter.

Yes, please!

In this video we visit this juice bar, find ourselves at Pipi's for their amazing flaming fajitas, and enjoy the sunset from the malecon.


We use this action cam to shoot our videos.

Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)


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I'll bet the green "smoothie" is delicious.

Absolutely! And it's helping Jordan get over this persistent sickness he's dealing with. Win-win!


Nice, Juice in a bag! Do they bite off the corner of the bag instead of using a straw down there?

They do use a straw. It would be much more environmentally-friendly without them, but at least they don't have to resort to styrofoam cups!

For clarity, they tied up the bag with a straw in it :)


Awesome. Here in Venezuela we have a protected area called "Cuare" which is near Cariben Sea and you can see a lot of sea biodiversity specially birds feeding of sea biodiversity

What kind of birds do you often see there in Venezuela? We've only seen pelicans doing all the hunting and diving in the ocean in Puerto Vallarta.

In Cuare only Psiconiformes and birds related to sea sea but in other kind of environments many more birds. We are listed within the top 10 ofbirds diversity worlwide

You two are having a blast 😎🍻..really enjoy your videos and learning about the different places through your travels.Thanks for teleporting me there 💃enjoy guys.

Thanks @mrsbeetroo! We're enjoying all our random explorations and new experiences. Thankfully, most of them continue to be good, with the occasional rotten banana to balance it all out. We appreciate you continuing to follow along our journey. Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see more/less of and we'll continue to hone in on the teleportation. ;)

Enjoy the banana 😄😋 Life is boring without suprises...enjoying the adventures 💛

You know what delights me? The fact that, you two are having fun. I enjoyed that video. Super cool. The juice place isn't on the google map and yet they still produce amazing fresh juice at reasonable prices. I can see Jordan enjoyed it more. Haha. Well done guys. That was a lovely view you guys had, with the beautiful sunset and the antics of the pelicans hahaha. I love Maddie's steemit top. I look forward to more posts.

Thanks for such a thoughtful comment @olawalium! They are totally off the grid! We even tried getting a snapshot from Google Street View, and the day the vehicle drove by it was closed! The little garage door over their space was down. Go figure.

Jordan has been a little sick the past few days, so he's been enjoying all the juice each morning. It seems to be helping him get better a little bit at a time.

Thanks for following along with our journey! We're glad to have you. :)


Wow. Really sorry about his health and thank God the juices are helping him. I wish him strength. I look forward to more posts. You guys are doing incredibly amazing. Well done.

It must be one of the unforgettable moment in your life. :-) Sunset is everywhere, but capturing beautiful scene isn't easy...! So nice, @TangerineTravels!

Thanks @chaelinjane! We are so fortunate to have gotten to the malecon at the exact right moment to see this sunset. We won't soon forget it!

I just miss a campfire to be the perfect photo, excellent natural colors, I liked it very much, greetings ..

That would have been the perfect addition to this beautiful scene. And maybe some s'mores too. ;) Yum!

Thanks for stopping by @edelwaysdp!

That juice !! :O I've never seen it in a plastic bag before!

Right! That was a surprise to us as well. They tied up the bag with a straw in it so you can drink right out of the bag. Nothing like we'd ever seen before.

Me encanto su video.
Los jugos se ven demasiado buenos. Las fajitas aunque no las ví me imagino que mundiales. La playa, los pelicanos y el atardecer una nota.
Saludos y gracias por refrescarme.

I loved your video.
The juices look too good. The fajitas although I did not see them I imagine that world. The beach, the pelicans and the sunset a note.
Greetings and thanks for refreshing me.


Muchas gracias. Estamos muy felices de oír que te gusta mucho. Los pelicanos y el atardecer fue increíble!

No disagreement about you having a swell time

From the video, you obviously were fully involved. The atmosphere and surrounding was ambient and appealing.

Was that fruit/vegetable mix really tasty? And why was it served in nylon instead of more portable things like cups.

It seems your partner did not want to join you in the drink.

Yes, it was really good! I think they serve it in a plastic bag because it's cheaper than buying cups. They put a straw in it and tie it up so you can drink it directly out of the bag.

Maddie had coffee to drink so she passed on getting juice.


Great traveling, beautiful city

The sunset was amazing! Thanks for commenting :)


It's sunset in jordan?
You must go to the Dead Sea in jordan

Jordan is my name. We like to sign our responses so you which one of us you're talking to. :)


😂 sorry, i think you are in a Jordanian country, thanks for your response.


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Owo very nice place. I want to go..

great trip, beautiful atmosphere, an amazing experience @tangerinetravel. i like

We have had some amazing experiences! Thanks for commenting :)

disfrutar de las maravillas de la vida es un gran don que Dios nos ha dado. por eso no hay nada mejor que disfrutar de la creación y darnos cuenta de todo lo que como humanos somos capaces de lograr. excelente publicación @tangerinetravels.

Muchas gracias, @oscarinakr! El paisaje fue espectacular!


saya blom pernah mendengar buah dan sayur di jus jadi satu, dan tidak terbayang bagaimana rasanya karena saya belom pernah merasakannya.

Hello , cute tangerine.. Good evening.
This photo is very beautiful. I love nature and I will write about it in the posts. I love sea, green, animals, the sky ... everything makes me happy

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