Challenge: Eating Out On $10 USD Per Day in San Blas, Mexico

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We just started making videos 6 weeks ago, and according to YouTube analytics, our videos are being watched for 7-10 hours every single day. We can hardly believe our eyes!


Before we dive into anything today...

It's humbling to know how much time people are spending watching our content, so we just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our followers for taking some time each day to follow along with our travels.

Although we've made over 50 videos, we have yet to do a single challenge! Well, traveling through Mexico is a challenge on its own, but we haven't set out to do a designated challenge. For our first one, we thought, what could be more fun than a full day of eating food.... and why didn't we start doing these contests sooner?!?


In today's Video: The $10 Challenge

It goes a little something like this... We start the day with Mexican peso equivalent of $10 US dollars each (186 pesos) and attempt to feed ourselves for the day using nothing but that cash. We'll have to buy coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and any snacks we might want using our pile o' pesos.

Will we succeed, or will we end up starving ourselves?

What do you think?

Would you like to see us do similar challenges in other cities we visit? If you have any ideas for other challenges, please let us know in the comments.

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We use this action cam to shoot our videos.

Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)


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Congrats on all the Steemit and Youtube success! your story and blog is an inspiration.:)

And also since you are mobile, then try and make it out to this little thing going on in Vegas next month, if you're not too far away at the time: :)

Ahh, Vegas & Steemit—a great combo! We'd love to be there, but I don't think flights are in the budget right now sadly. Hope it's amazing! Can't wait to see some of the post-conference blogs and pictures.

Also thanks for the sweet comment. We really appreciate that!

Hope u all are still enjoying your trip. If cook at the hotel, you should be able to live on $10 a day by eating potatoes, eggs and toast breakfast and fruits mostly for dinner.
Remember: Be Free Always, All Ways. See the truth.

Absolutely! It's so much cheaper to make food at home than go to a restaurant. Unfortunately, the Airbnb we are staying in right now only has a small table and no kitchen. We'd love to do a "$2 a day challenge" or something like that when all we do is cook at home. :)

Love the way you keep us updated through your videos. Indeed you deserve the reward coming to you. Keep it up @tangerinetravels.

Will join in your steps some day.

What about $11 and make Laska partake in the challenge also 😅

Would love to see more closeups of the food! Especially in the breakfast sequence when the plate is upstaged by maddie's -- err, the point is, for a food challenge, would love more lingering shots of how delicious the food is. Other than that, great work, no pretentiousness at all!

@meditateonthat LOVE that idea! It might turn into an "order food and try to keep Laska from eating it off our plates" challenge. She has really bad behavior when there's restaurant food involved.

Thanks for the feedback! There's such a fine line between spending too much time on the food and not enough. We'll try and get some more high-quality shots of our grub in future videos. And I'll have to chat with my cameraman (Jordan) about focusing on the food, not the apples! 🤣


LOL on the foods

Ooh maybe a vine-style montage of Laska stealing food off plates across your travels ... "Laska steals food in 18 cities"... For all those weirdos who like watching dog vids. Something like 98% of all people like to watch huskies behaving badly 😆

I love the challenge. Must've been pretty hard for Maddie for her food restrictions. A variety of challenges could be entertaining to watch. ^^ San Blas looks almost the same here.

The siestas. ^^ am quite amazed how they take that seriously there.

By some giant miracle, I have thankfully been able to reintroduce eggs, butter, cheese, and chicken with no issues. It's truly nothing short of a miracle after being so restricted for over four years! I imagine if we had a "vegan $10 challenge" or something similar—it would be pretty difficult in a small town like this. I still plan to eat mostly plant-based at this point, but if there are no other options, I'm grateful to have more dining choices instead of "side of potatoes" like I normally had to resort to.

On the siesta note... I think everyone should take nap time this seriously. ;)


Its challenging but I know you'll get by. It's quite entertaining to watch you three. ^^
Looking forward to more videos. :)

Hahahahaha the night is medium. I like that. This is really a first; siesta period and all the shop were closed? Really glad you did well with the $10 challenge. It's good to see you are both having fun.

The English language really needs a word for that time ;)

Yep! So strange, right? We heard about the siesta time before coming to Mexico, but this is the first town that actually follows it. A nice treat we are totally on board with taking naps!

Thanks so much @olawalium! We're excited to take on another challenge soon.

I look forward to seeing what challenge the next one would be, and when i think of any, i would let you know.
Yeah, really strange. Never seen it before. Quite commendable, right?

Thanks! Definitely let us know if you think of or come across anything that might be fun to try out! There are a ton of interesting ones all over YouTube.

Absolutely! Can't believe we ever stopped taking naps after childhood. ;)

Hahahahahahahha true. Guess i will give more room for nap time too. Thanks a lot. I enjoy hearing from you guys.

Would love to see what $10 per day can buy.

Watch the video to find out ;)

Good work
Keep it up

I just got on Steemit and love what you guys are doing. Although I live in the food mecca of Hanoi, it has been far too long since I have had Mexican food, and your video was almost painful to watch. Really enjoy your posts. Keep up the amazing work!

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Keep up the good work! ;)

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