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Sesame is a real miracle from nature! But very few people know it and use it! Let's correct this mistake right now!

Sesame seeds in translation from Aramaic means literally "buttery plant". In bulk quantities sesame grows in Africa, and also it's ciltivated t in regions with subtropical and tropical climates. Most often, seeds are used to make various kozinaks, as sprinkles of various pies, rolls, bread, as well as the basis for techa, sesame paste used as a seasoning in the eastern kitchen.

Sesame is the champion in the content of useful micronutrients and mainly calcium. 

But don't forget it's not all:

  •  it has vitamins of groups a, e, b and pp;
  •  phosphorus and sodium;
  •  potassium and zinc;
  •  copper and magnesium;
  •  iron and manganese.

 In addition, sesame - a strong antioxidant agent, which determines the healing properties of the product. 


  • significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood; 
  • suitable for the treatment of skin diseases; 
  • prevents the development of cancer cells; 
  • It is useful for catarrhal diseases; 
  • strengthens the immune system; 
  • alleviates the symptoms of osteoporosis; 
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  •  has a rejuvenating effect

Sesame milk is not very well-known product, but it's a great mistake!

 it's quite easy to cook, and the result is pleasant, gentle and useful. 

100 gof the product contains a huge amount of calcium (about 800 mg), which makes the drink virtually a pill. And, a delicious pill!

The color of sesame milk slightly goes away in the direction of brown, beige, grayish. Taste - with a touch of nuts, a hint of sesame bitter taste. I like it, and I'm sure you'll like it too!


100 g of non-roasted sesame;

2 tsp. honey;

approximately 1 liter of water.

Put sesame into water. 

Then we wait for some hours or even a night

Then we pour the water out, add some honey to sesame and blend its seeds carefully.

Then add some water to sesame mass

for 100g sesame - about 500ml water (some add even 1 liter), it depends only from your taste.

And do not need to throw out the seeds - you can add it to the dough for bread, biscuits, biscuits!

This milk can be drunk with coffee, coctails, cacao or just as a separate drink.

Super healthy drink!!

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this looks delicious.

Or it can be toppings in pastries too.

right you are)


@taliakerch I love the taste of sesame too! especially the Turkish Sesame halva. I will try the milk :D

turkish sweets are all great)

Was actually unaware of all the sesame health benefits, at least that they were so many and beneficial in so many areas, so thank you for that. Also that it means buttery plant I find very interesting haha.

Smoothy drink looks delicious btw ;)

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, fitness/health, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around!

We need a ration of roughly 1/2 magnesium to calcium. so if you drink 800 mg of calcium you need 400 mg of magnesium aswell. i guess one could add a high source og magnesium to the mix :) Also, in order to uptake the calcium we need vitamin d3, and also, to properly use the calcium, we need vitamin k2. My suggestion would be to take a miltivitamin with both d3 and k2 along with the drink. to add magnesium one could eat 1/4 cup pumpkinseeds with the drink :)

thank you for useful info!

А я люблю печенье с кунжутом)

и я люблю) но там фишка, что надо оч хорошо ее разжевывать, иначе пользы нет, целиком не усвоятся, потому вот, как вариант, молоко)

С молоком это вкусно, но желудок не у всех хорош)) ;)

в смысле тяжело желудку переварить молоко такое? та ну...не чуди) не тяжелее, чем печеньки с кунжутом))

Я например не дружу с молоком, после язвы, не идёт оно мне) а когда-то очень любил

молоко вообще продукт сомнительной пользы, как недавно выяснилось мне..