delicious crabs cooked in noodles( mi kepiting yg paling enak)

in #food4 years ago

imagehy, everyone's good night ... let's eat super crab noodles that taste really good. this afternoon I walked to the shore of the beach and met my friend who was crab fishing, I talked at length with him and was given two big crabs with me. it was getting dark I went back to my house and I cooked noodles like this ...,,, all of us might have the same appetite as Sifuud because eating sifuud was very beneficial, if you want to know the benefits of eating sifuud, upvote and comment later I will explain one by one in the next post. but I want support first with all of you, thank you imagehy rakan semua selamat malam,,,mari kita makan mi kepiting super yg rasanya mantap sekali. tadi sore saya jalan jalan ke tepi pantai lancok dan jumpa sama teman saya yg lagi pancing kepiting,saya ngobrol panjang lebar sama dia dan dikasih lah dua ekor kepiting besar sama saya. hari mulai gelap sayapun pulang ke rumah saya dan saya masaklah mi kepiring yg seperti ini,,,,, semua kita mungkin sama selera makan sifuud seperti ini karna makan sifuud sangat banyak manfaatnya,, jika kalian ingin tau manfaat makan sifuud,upvote dan komen nanti akan saya jelaskan satu persatu di post selanjutnya. tapi sayainta dukungan dulu sama kalian semua, terima kasih


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