Top 5 Restaurants you must visit in Karachi

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A night out with family and buddies or simply plan to treat your wife to a romantic dinner, all you’ve in mind is to look you’ve in mind is to look up for a venue that offers wonderful ambiance, peaceful environment and of course yummy food. So here’s a list consisting of the best restaurant of Karachi that you would not wish to miss out on:

BARBQ Tonigh

Bar-B-Q Tonight – Clifton, Karachi

BBQ tonight is one of the biggest and most famous restaurants not just in Karachi but also in Pakistan. It has continental, Pakistani and several other meals on its menu. But the barbeque is more popular for its Afghan Cuisine that draws tons of people each night to the restaurant.


Kolachi – Favorite Restaurant In Karachi

Situated on Karachi’s beach avenue, this place sits on the water’s edge with an amazing outdoor terrace making it possible to dine under the stars. The restaurant’s diverse culinary offering includes a wide selection of Lebanese and Italian specialties, alongside Chinese and Pakistani Cuisine, and BBQ meat and seafood. Whether it is for a sea view or the best food, this is the place people keep coming back to.

Lal Qila

This is a buffet-style restaurant which is located in a castle setting inspire from Red fort India. Enjoy a super fine collection of MUGHAL meals and Pakistani delicacy here.
Lalqila Karachi – Lalqila Restaurant

The Village

The Village Karachi

The Village restaurant is located at the seafront area. It offers a wide buffet of spicy Pakistani dishes. Also, some other non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, seasonal fruits, LASSI, Cane juice, and local Drinks, etc. are provided by the restaurant.


Such a peaceful environment that’s simply remarkable for family and get together or buddy’s reunion, the Xander’s restaurant is one of the finest places in Karachi that provides a top-class menu with delicious meals included at affordable prices.