Refreshing Rolled Sponge cake for summer days

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Hello guys, welcome back to another post. I just want to share with you how I made this Rolled Sponge cake.

If you want to know how I made this just continue reading it.


400g sour cream

250g mascarpone cheese

6 spoons of grinded walnuts

6 eggs

6 spoons of white sugar

Preparation of Sponge cake:

First we need to separate eggs white from yolk. Mixing the whites by gradually adding the sugar (5 spoons) until you get tender but compact egg-white snow. In separate bowl mix the yolks with a spoon of sugar. Mix it well. Then add yolks to eggs-snow and carefully mix it together. The technique to mix this is by using spatula and mix it really tender, you must mix in the air bubbles, so that the sponge cake will be tender. Add also grinned walnuts and mix everything tenderly.


Start the oven both sides heating 180 C. Put the baking paper into the baking pan and spread the prepared mixture on the top of it. Spread it evenly and when the oven reaches 180 C put it the oven about 20 min (depends on the oven) I did 19 min.

When the sponge cake is baked take it out of the oven and roll together with the paper into a roll, help yourself with a towel because it will be hot. Important is to roll it immediately after taken out of the oven. Once rolled, let it rest uncovered until it cools down to a room temperature.

Prepare the cream-funding and finish the cake:

In a bowl tenderly mix mascarpone cheese with sour cream, if u want you can add some grated pill from lemon but use organic one. When u have your cream and the biscuit has cooled down unroll it back and spread the cream on the top of it. Spread it evenly and roll the sponge cake back, this time you don't roll it with the paper of course but without, (paper must be removed from the product) this part is little tricky, but slowly it will unstick. Help yourself with the knife if the paper doesn't want to separate from the sponge cake .

When done, roll it into the plastic-food wrapper and put the cake to the ref. and let it rest over the night. Next day u have perfect summer refreshing dessert, which is not ice-cream :)


Every oven behaves differently, u need to try it couple of times to find out exactly how much temperature and time is optimal for you.

*Wish you all nice weekend

Come again, 😘


I'll shoot a completely irrelevant question ... Sorry in advance, but ... I believe you are located somewhere around Tolmin area and i was wondering if you could tell me, if there is still snow on Krn summit? =)

Thank you and the "rulada" looks delicious and i wouldn't mind serving it with a cup of vanilla ice cream anyway! :D

In the shadow spots u still can find some snow, but if this sunny hot days continue, it will be gone soon.

Thanks BTW. :)

Thank you! I'll wait for another week. Should be sunny from now on! :)

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