Locust beans Noodles with Salmon fish

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I had this prepared for my lunch Noodles with locust beans (iru) in my local language and botanical name as "Parkia biglobosa” with salmon /titus fish which ever you call it. I must comfess it so delicious with the locust beans tast, prefer it to normal cookimg of noodles.

Health benefit of locust beans

The most valuable parts of the locust bean are high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%), and is a good source of fat and calcium for rural dwellers. Locust bean product can also be converted into powdery form

Local research has shown that locust bean helps to promote good sight and drives away hypertension and diseases conditions like stroke and diabetes. It also contains tannins, astringent substances found in many plants. Foods rich in tannins are often recommended for treatment of diarrhoea. The portion of carob that is made into locust bean gum contains soluble fibre in the galactomannan family. Like other forms of soluble fibre, it has shown potential benefit for enhancing weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels.

You can give it a trial some day!

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