Miss. Delicious #83 : Chamonix Teppanyaki in Taipei!

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Dear Steemit friends :


Navigating the food landscape in Taiwan often feels like an exercise of piecing together fragments of history to an island wrought with so many cultural influences. Whether it's the native aborigines, Han Chinese, Japanese or the KMT, Taiwan has long endured a plethora of cultural influences which shape it's society and culture today. Though the putonghua speaking Taiwan often masquerades as Chinese in culture (including it's food), notwithstanding, it is a place laden with delicacies from all around the world, each with their unique footprint, each with their cultural heritage.

Today, Miss. Delicious will be paying a visit to Chamonix Teppanyaki in Taipei. This well reputed establishment is owned and run by the Wowprime Group, a food and hospitality conglomerate that has become a success story case study for businesses in Taiwan. It is often lauded as one of the top employers in Taiwan with the highest ratio of university educated employees in the food and hospitality industry. I don't personally think having a university degree is as important as people make it out to be, and in the context of working for a restaurant, even less so. Still, it is an interesting fact!

In-fact, Wowprime has built up such a reputation that it has been listed in Forbes Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion list of smaller public companies. Employees are paid every two weeks, and receive pro-rata bonus payments at the end of the month. As such, the Wowprime group boasts one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the entire industry at 25%. Low turnover rates mean that less money is spent on training new staff and is a reasonable indicator for employee satisfaction.

For Wowprime group, Chamonix represents their first foray into high-end Teppanyaki. For the unacquainted, Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese food where the food is cooked on an iron griddle. Typically, the food is cooked infront of guests and thus the skill of the chef becomes an important part of the food experience. Teppanyaki restaurants can be found all over Taiwan, but it is by no coincidence that the Taiwanese love Japanese food. Rather, it has a lot to do with the history of Taiwan and Japan.

Quick history lesson

In 1895, the island of Taiwan was ceded to the Japanese Empire when the Chinese lost the first Sino Japanese war. For 50 years, the Japanese wielded their influence on the island, on the one hand helping develop the island economically, building infrastructure, developing industry etc. but also stripping the national identity of Taiwan and it's inhabitants. For those 50 years, the education system followed that of Japan. All classes would be taught in Japanese and mandarin or the the native dialect was banned from official use.

Despite the repressive rule, the Colonial Government brought about stability and significant growth in Taiwan during their 50 years in power. Long after the Japanese gave up Taiwan and left, their occupation continued to affect the local people. After all, several generations of people were subjected to the Japanese way of life, essentially morphing their cultural identity.


In my previous posts about Taiwan, I frequently made comparisons of the streets and architecture to that of Japan. Reading more about the history of Taiwan and Japan, I hope the similarities between the two make more sense.

Similarly, knowing that the Japanese way of life affected several generations of Taiwanese people, is it a surprise that Japanese food continues to be popular in Taiwan? I guess not.

Chamonix has been so popular that it has now opened nearly two dozen branches in Taiwan with an outlook of expanding to mainland China with many more.

Getting a table isn't too difficult. Most people in Taiwan will pre-book with tripadvisor or something like opentable. Usually a deposit to cover the cost of the meal secures your table but for tourists like myself a phone call a day in advance is the usual etiquette.

The branch I visited was tucked away in the basement. It almost felt like the secrecy of location was intentional for the purpose of exclusivity. Once I found it and went inside, I realised my hunch was probably not too far from the truth.

The central dining area was spectacular. It was shielded by a veil of modesty beads, which teased the curious circular shape of the dining table and the Teppanyaki iron griddle's where the food magic happens.

Sadly, this area requires even more advanced booking which meant that I was relegated to a more secluded and less exciting area in another part of the restaurant.

This waitress took me to one of the many rooms just at the back of the restaurant. The setup in these rooms will be more familiar to frequent Teppanyaki goers, a elongated semi circle for the iron griddle, seats arranged around the perimeter.

The Set Menus

The usual way to order at Teppanyaki restaurants is with a set menu instead of a la carte. At Chamonix, it is no different and you also have the choice of two set menu's or ordering a la carte.

The two set menu's differ in price quite considerably, the more expensive one offers some exclusive steak of the 1855 variety as well as imported seafood from Norway and Australia.

I opted for the New Champs Elysees menu which seemed to be the more popular choice, perhaps because it is also less than half the price of the other set menu and seemed to offer more or less the same dishes.

The Food

Complimentary bread both warm and soft and smells like it just came out of a Subway oven.

The warm appetizer of choice here is the Scallop. It is served with a hint of quite thick creme which could almost work as it's own little soup. As you can see, the servings here ascribe to that of other luxury dining places with bite size pickings served on large plates. The scallop itself, soft and juicy confirming it's freshness.


First up, the Classic Seafood Soup. A very light soup which i'm sure western diners would find quite bland. However it does draw your taste buds to the fish fillet which itself is again very soft and full of fresh sea aroma. The tomato base in this case is sour, but only very slightly. It's a delicate balance but I think the same dish in China would have over done it with the saltiness. In this regard, the soup is very well done.

Soup number two is the tender beef slice gravy soup. Acting as a precursor to the beef coming in the main course, the soup was again very plain, so much so that it surprises you how good gravy can taste when diluted to this degree and not overwhelming the taste of the beef.

One of the highlights of the Teppanyaki experience is watching the chef prepare the food right in front of you. The chef uses two inverted triangular shaped spatulas to cook the food on the iron griddle. Often wielding them like swords, using them to cut the food, as well as stir fry them. It's weirdly hypnotic watching them work and honestly is one of y favourite parts of the Teppanyaki experience.

Fruit Salad

Lemon Sorbet Shot

Truffle & Mushroom Salad

Pan fried vanilla chicken breast with Pesto

Shrimp stir fried rice

French style crisp fried Bass fillet

Sautéed Tenderloin Steak with Truffle and Garlic

Lyon Chicken breast cutlet and seafood combo


Strangely, the dessert is served in another part of the restaurant. I would assume it is because the griddle tables would melt the desserts very quickly.

First up we have the Chocolate Mousse. The theme of the restaurant is delicacy, and even it's desserts are made to be "sweet enough". This chocolate mousse is no different and tastes surprisingly "light" for a traditionally rich dessert.

And finally, the Strawberry Sorbet with Cheese. Topped off with a mini Oreo biscuit, my absolute favourite dessert and a great way to cool down after a very hot main course.

That wraps up the Chamonix Teppanyaki gourmet experience. Did you feel hungry reading the post and looking at the pictures? I hope so! Food is one of the primary reasons people visit Taiwan, and today, it continues to be considered a food capital in Asia. Today, we learned that the Japanese occupation of Taiwan has helped it infuse the very best of Japanese food culture into the already expansive list of exotic foods on offer.

I can't think of a Teppanyaki place that exudes quite as much luxury as Chamonix. Indeed it was a shock to me to find that there can even be classy Teppanyaki. Still, i'm very glad that Chamonix have set a very fine example and I'm sure that if you decide to pay it a visit, you will be very happy that you did.

Taiwan really is a fascinating place, and I look forward to sharing more of my travel adventures there with you all.

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Definitely.... Looks so enjoyable and thanks for making us enjoyable through these lovely pics.


Hey very cool pictures! Have you been to Hitachi Seaside Park Japan, Red Beach Panjin China, Zhangye Danxia Geological Park Gansu Province China, Tianzi Mountains China, or the Yingxi corridor of stone peaks of Qingyuan China? Even though they are natural places seemingly without fancy restaurant? Would be nice to see you travelling to some of those beautiful places. Truly amazing places (check them out) https://steemit.com/travel/@kickassfacts/30-kickass-and-surreal-places-on-earth
Thank you for the post @sweetsssj

a lovely post today, @sweetsssj, with colourful photos of delicious food and an explanation of the eclectic nature of the Taiwanese cuisine.

Your retrospective on how the Japanese culture helped shaped modern Taiwan was enlightening and emphasized the uniqueness of this dining experience.

The Chamonix is obviously intended by the Wowprime Group not only to provide elite high-end Teppanyaki dining but to showcase their unique approach to the hospitality industry. Perhaps the insistence on a university educated staff is unnecessarily ambitious but it gives a clear indicator of their high level of expectations.

Your review of the appetizing soups and delicious menu items was very informative especially for prospective patrons, and the dessert offerings looked exquisite.

Your post was not only a thorough review of The Chamonix and high end Teppanyaki dining, but an enlightening look at the impact of Japan on Taiwanese history, culture and the evolution of this particular cuisine.

An excellent post combining the elements of travelogue and restaurant review.


Hi john, thank you for the lovely reply again.

I'm still at odds as to why degree education seems to dictate employ ability in this sector. I think it might also have something to do cultural expectations and attitudes towards education. Certainly, the norm of most Asian countries is to obtain a degree and than get the best job you possibly can given your certificate. I some how doubt working in a restaurant was what they envisioned when they graduated. Still, the fact that there is only 25% turn over rate of employees means that they're doing something right.. or, Taiwan is just not doing very well economically such that it is an employers job market.

I'm fairly indfferent to the 'class' of food, so the efforts to make the place seem high-end was mostly wasted on me. The most important thing remains the overall experience, from the customer service, presentation, atmosphere, price, all the way to the most important of all - food! I can honestly say, i've never walked out of a Teppanyaki feeling quite as full. That usually means the food was really good. In the case of Chamonix, they've done so well to disguise the amount of food by spreading it out across many courses and in small digestible portions. I noticed this is something that quite a lot of Japanese restaurants tend to do, and also happens to go along with their 'miniaturization' of everything.


University educated personnel? It is interesting though because the Japanese have a long tradition especially involving geishas and are partial to the idea of a well -educated host who could converse with customers on a variety of topics. That may have something, or nothing to do with this desire to hire people with degrees, lol.

That's a perceptive comment about smaller digestible portions of food and the 'miniaturization' of everything - no doubt facilitated by your university training, my friend :)


Very nice comment and Informative articles as always by @sweetsssj it's remarkable of happy and never ending journey of great life. Thank you so much for this amazing article. have a great day to all.


nice comment. this post is really good. i like specially images. looking beautiful.


Hi. I am writing about healt. I am giving so important informations. How about follow me? :)

Well it looks like you are in another interesting journey. I just finished reading your article and just to let you know, I am always impressed because you go such in detail on your post which gives us a lot more information. They were 2 Photographs that caught my eyes pan fried vanilla chicken breasts and tenderloin steak with garlic they look so delicious all I can say keep up the great work look forward to your next post


hi mannyfig1956, thank you for paying attention! I'm impressed you spotted those details, so thank you for being very observant. Out of those two, my favourite would be chicken, i've actually never been too fond of red meat!




Japan seems like truly such a beautiful place, just looking at pictures of Japan on the internet blows my mind. Isn't it amazing how there are 195 countries in the world and every single one has different things to offer: the culture, the food, the technology, the monuments... I've thought about travelling to Japan multiple times, and I definitely will visit some day (hopefully I can meet you too :D).
The food you ate looks so delicious, and I can't stop wondering how much money this meal cost you all together. Seafood is my favourite dish to eat, so my mouth is definitely watering just watching these images.

Really enjoyed reading this post :D.

Would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any kind of feedback on my blogs, whenever you get a chance. It will encourage me to keep doing better and help me on my journey. Thanks!



hi inspirationalrag, i'm glad you have taken quite an interest in Japan, and I think that Taiwan would suit your fancy quite some given it's extensive history with Japan. Aside from the food, you can also find many other traces of Japan's occupation all those years ago, for example the architecture in many parts of Taipei resemble exactly that of Japan.

You will be surprised, but the meal costs 70 dollars for two people. The larger set manu is about 80 dollars each. Substantially more than the set menu I opted for. I think the higher one is not worth it at all.

I will drop by and have a look at your blog. Thanks for pointing me there!

You know what @sweetsssj? Some writers have text, and others have context. Your text has context. And while I am a vegetarian, your posts are making me reconsider. Haha.

The highlight for me was the lesson on Japan's influence in Taiwan. I have a particular bias to colonial history and I cannot but compare the kind of colonialism the Japanese practiced compared to the Europeans and the Americans, I won't bore you with the details, except to say that your posts have given me a lot to think about. As ususal, another great one.


hi nicholas, always great to have your commentary here. I have a feeling I asked you before, but it wouldn't hurt to ask again - have you always been vegetarian? And what is the reason you initially decided to become one?

Perhaps you could write about some of the colonial discrepancies between the Japanese and Europeans, I certainly would enjoy a good read of those!


Thanks much. It is just as refreshing for me to read your posts. Concerning being a vegetarian, I developed an auto-immune diseases, called ulcerative colitis. I was on 15 pills per day, and would have been so for the rest of my life unless I stopped eating meat. I steal and eat a bit of fish sometimes, but for the most part I can't eat meat. I wrote about it in an earlier article.

Re the colonial differences between the two is something I am looking into right now. The big difference is that Japan is no longer in these countries, as far as Europe and the USA are concerned, their form of rule has merely morphed into more sophisticated forms of control. These controls are executed through international bodies like the IMF, World Bank, the WTO among other forms of control. Plus, Europe's has been only about plunder. I am not saying that the Japanese did not do a lot of horrible stuff. What happened in Nankin, for example, was beyond savage; but at least they are no longer in these countries exploiting them, or may be I am wrong. And I am not saying that Japan is not a part of those international bodies, but she, doesn't have that leverage on the international scene she had pre-World War II.

Furthermore, she modernized Korea. She built railroads, factories and communication systems. The Europeans did these things solely to cart resources away. The Japanese did this too. And again, their rule was harsh. But compare this to what the Brits did in India, they devastated the textile industry on the sub-continent. Plus, how many former European colonies have reached developed world status? I can't think of one.

This might seem like an oversimplification. As you know, this is a rather complicated issue, and I am in the process now of writing about something like this. It has to do with China in Africa and the Americas. There is this BS about China trying to colonize Africa. In a nutshell, I am gonna rubbish these claims by delving into how Europe's relationship with Africa is different from China's. Japan will be mentioned also. I will post the link in your comment section so you can see my take on it.




下次到台北,去吃一家台灣最高檔的餐廳 R.A.W.,我吃不起,等著看你分享好了.... 但是聽說要很早預約...





Wow, what a meal!

Yes, indeed, looking at those beautiful courses triggered some hunger pangs. The small garden with the wood and rocks somehow also reminded me of a restaurant in San Diego where chefs cook at the table.

Thanks for sharing your lovely evening with us. :D




nice gif. which is used in this comment. well done.




you're welcome creatr, thanks for your input :) I sure want to visit San Diego some day!


I hope you do. San Diego is a very lovely harbor city, with lots to see and do.

Do you like comic books? It is where the annual ComiCon conference is held... ;)


I see, I never knew that! I actually don't read comic books at all, but that's probably a good reason for me to adventure there and see what its all about.

It really makes me hungry now !!! What a great profession you got sweetsssj. The perfect Blog. If the other bloggers are done with their work - they go to eat. But you are already done haha. I enjoyed again your story but now I need something delicious . . .


haha it's just one of my passions along side travelling. Being a connoisseur can be difficult sometimes!


That you do this with passion can I see in your posts. Keep on ;) What passions else ? Jewelry ??

Beautiful pictures. Lovely looking restaurant!

Nice places!


thanks! Taiwan is full of them!

The scallop looks more than appetizing.


It's strange going from a place that serves scallops in the troves, to eating a single one. The contrast is quite defining.

Very nice. I enjoy following your travels.

The way you present the "food" is very artistic, that make me hungry :) Want to be there oneday :)


thanks razack-pulo, my pleasure :)

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I always feel relieved to see the civility of sweetsssj posts which make her seem like she is a queen handing out upvoters to her constituents, or more like a senator who gets coted into office... your upvotes from us followers are like a sort of election where you are elected to represent us ... and i must say this is a very nice show i am seeing... youre going to be the top Chinese Steemit user and ooooooh weee is that going to be lucrative... wveryone should be trying to become your friend oh wow your going to be the ones striking deals with your peoples companies to allow steem widespread adotion in the mainland... who can resist such a system that gives you all the benefits of bitcoin but with a social network that just gets more valuable as more people use it... just wait untill we all start pooling our rewards to buy real companies like whatsup style companies... messeging services who can then work with integration specialists who can mix the two.. imagine having the online marketplace and messeging style service and a stack exchange type service where you just get paid in steem to answer questions with good helpful answers.. and china is already one of these most popular countries for steemit on google trends and alexa and yeah.... woe its gonna be amazing.. maybe neo vs eos will allow both to go up like crazy or maybe we can just run neo on eos ... anyway you are a valued asset in the steem ecosystem ;)


ackza, always appreciate your unconditional support. You really are a gem on the platform, people might consider some of your musings to be slightly eccentric, but I like that. It's unique!

wow so delicious food.I like this types of food.it's so yummi thanks for share your travel bolg.I love you content and concept.continue your post.👌👌👌


thank you noyon696, i will keep going!

Awesome travel post. Yes, my mouth is watery looking at those pictures! Keep it coming!


thanks phillip20steem, I shall endeavour to keep your mouth watered haha

Looks so yumm.

Great pictures!!!

delicious food.realy great job @sweetsssj


thanks cryptomaker!

Your country is known world wide for both its Asian and Western culinary creations. Everybody knows that. The photography is excellent as usual.


Thank you dear :)

Wow this looks delicious!! What kind of cheese did that sorbet have? Ive never heard of that! Super cool. I also enjoy the history lesson embedded in this post. Thanks for taking us along @sweetsssj :)


thanks goldie, it's a kind of yogurty cheese, pretty neutral taste helping with balancing out the pretty sweet sorbet!

Looks delicious just like your name implies. It's hard to imagine that you tried all of the food as your figure is so slim! If I tried all of those items, I'll gain 5 pounds overnight!


I don't finish all of them! But I do go to the gym regularly !


I cycle about 3 times a week, in the gym a few times and also swim/run on occasion. All that to keep the weight off!

Yum!!!! Everything looks so delicious! It did make me feel a bit hungry :P especially the dessert! Did it take several hours to enjoy dinner?


thanks polebird! I find that it always works better to take your time with food. Especially if in good company :)

Great article! I hope one day i can explore other cultures! Especially japan. I have always wanted to check out Japan becuase their culture is so different than my own. The food the architecture and basically anything you can think of is a total 180 to american culture.


You will be surprised to know that Taiwan was also supported by the US for quite some time after the end of the second world war, and the end of the Chinese civil war. That is probably also one of the reason's why Taiwan has a fairly large number of expats.


You are not joking! I have a few buddies who after their service in the military moved east to asian countries like Taiwan and the Philippines. They also find they can live much longer on a smaller amount of USD in those countries.


Don't forget that there is a Japanese influence in contemporary Taiwan among other influences.


Forget??? I had no idea!! We learn something new everyday! Or at least i do!

For a small lady, you sure eat a lot ;)


haha jasonshick, i'm a big eater!


I love a woman who is not afraid to eat !!

Wow so beautiful !


thanks ak2154!



Yummy ^.^

Fabulous @sweetsssj ! I all ready upvotoed , commented and resteemed your awesome post I wanted to just add how much I loved the extra cultural information you shared about Taiwan , and I wish to Someday visit their , it would be an awesome "Bucket List "experience ! 😀👍🏮🏮🏮
On a side note as I don't usually add links in my comments , ***I thought you would get a big laugh out of this post where I swapped our fabulous Steemits CEO Ned Scotts Face @ned with Marilyn Monroe !!! LOL its too funny my friend hope I brighten your day with a big laugh !! 😂😂😂😂😂


great image. its good creativity. superb.


Awe ! Thanks !😀


Oh wow ! That Restaurant looks fantastic , you are so lucky to visit such a awesome place @sweetsssj ! All the food looks so delicious , there is nothing I see that I would not eat ! And to finish with some delicate and scrumptious Chocolate Mousse the way I like it as you say "Surprisingly Light " looks soooooo Yummy ! Now im starving , your post and presentation was perfect ! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome travels with us , upped and resteemed !!💕😋😋😋👍👏💕

Nice food photography! They not only make me feel hungry but inspired to travel and try new things as well. Keep up the good work!


great comment. i am also hungry when i saw like this post. lol.

Cuisines are great to watch and should be very testy. Thanks for short history of Taiwan on Japanese influence.


you're very welcome decentropia, i thought it might answer some questions people will have when they visit Taiwan and think they've gone to Japan..

Nice restaurant, I must go there when visiting Taiwan


Yes, it's definitely worth a visit :)

Hi pretty lady. . Your journey is great. Thanks for sharing @sweetsssj


thank you nazarwills, glad you enjoyed!!


You are welcome . . I'm glad you replied to my comment. . 🙏🙏🙏

Do you know what I really like about you @sweetsssj?
You have so many followers that you could simply put some random posts without any value on steemit and earn much money.
But you don't!
In all of your posts there is so much effort and time behind.
You just take the time to put details into your posts which makes your posts definitely high quality.
This is at least an value for to platform. Please keep it up that way!
By the way your food pictures always look awesome. I love the chicken breast! ;-)
Have a nice week! :)

pink cap suit you because your face always glow


aww thanks!

very informative history about
Chamonix Teppanyaki in Taipei.
it was amazing,to know it @sweetsssj,

the photos of delicious food and the delicious Taiwanese cuisine are so colorful, you know what?looking all the pictures,
i felt so hungry upon reading your post,
specially the Soup number two with tender beef slice gravy soup and the salad too..

what a wonderful and cool,
experience watching the chef prepare the food right in front of you,the chef has very excellent skills, @sweetsssj...

thanks for sharing the history, the food and the relationship about two country's ,the taiwan and japan.it's very informative post...i love it..

i give you my support by restreem and upvote your post.
and super thumbs up...

have a nice day @sweetsssj , take care always..


ah mrblu thank you for a wonderful summary again. You are always very good at picking out your favourite picture(s).

How you manage to capture so beautiful pics.. truly awesome!


thank you hms818, a good camera helps! :)

hope you enjoyed :D

Delicious sauces and food.


Yes indeed, just like in other aspects of ilfe, food is best enjoyed in moderation :)

@sweetsssj Always Beautiful Food and Adventure from a Beautiful Lady. The steak with truffles and garlic looks real good. Yes I get Hungry when I look at the pictures but that's a good thing.


haha very engaging ! I'm glad you got into the post, steak mmm i wonder what the 1855 branded beef tastes like, because the steak there was already really great!

I really loved your awesome food post @sweetsssj ! and commented , upped , resteemed on my other account @karenmckersie Deliciousness !!! Im back to up vote , resteem and comment as well on my @momskitchen blog to share with all my foodie followers in my recently opened , food and drinks blog ! Thanks for sharing all your Fabulous and Delicious posts with us from around the world !!😋😋😋😋✌👍

The photography is beautiful as usual.


thank you keks, always appreciate your comment :)


YOu're turning into a food blogger, which is not at all bad :D
Loved the shots and those fine dishes, which I'm not at all familiar with.


haha i've always been a bit of a food blogger though! Miss Delicious 83!! But you know, it's one of those essential non-guilty pleasures of life which we'll be able to enjoy (hopefully) for the rest of our lives. I certainly plan on seeking out the delicacies of the world and giving them all a try!

amazing pictures and you look so beautiful as a doll i always enjoy your post alot those are so intresting and amazing ☺


aww thank you :) Keep following

Good post @sweetssj i like all the foods are you post


Thanks dear :)



thats a great outstanding food photography..i appreciate to your content..


thank you nnajmull, i do my best!


welcome..when create you next blog?

look, I did the roll itself from seasonal fruits and vegetables, salmon on tepane with herbs, it's stuffing)

I will visit Japan only to learn it

I love Japanese cuisine

very delicious

Very nice, I really want to visit Taiwan and experience the food and culture.

@sweetsssj75 I had the pleausre to experience Teppanyaki dining at Epcot in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida earlier this year. Have you had the opportunity to visit DisneyWorld? If not it is a must do for your bucket list. Well, they have a beautiful restaurant called Teppan Edo and your experience, descriptions, and pictures brought back memories of the great time and deliciously exotic dining experience my family had. Thank you for sharing.

@sweetsssj Very nice post once again :) Is early morning here where I am ...and your food pictures have made me super hungry lol. I think I'll be having pumpkin pie with coffee for now. hehe. Also wanted to invite you to check out my post later today. I'll be sharing one of my first antique collection item :) Thank you again for sharing your travels! Hope to come visit Taiwan in the near future. Best wishes always.


hi splendorhub, thank you so much, one of the consequences of posting about food is that it may inadvertently make people hungry! (Sorry!) Still, your pumpkin pie and coffee would really suit me right about now! I will make a mental note to come by when you post :)


Thank you :) Best wishes!


@sweetsssj hope you like my Chinese dr lady post lol :)


hi. i like this " you got this" gif. superb comment.

If you are strong lady, you will eat more.I think Slim man or women are eat more bt upholstered people can't eat more.


I kind of get what you mean.

This blog is very interesting. Well done!


thank you epicdominic

your creation is so nice ...i like it thanks for your blogimages.jpg


you're welcome. thanks for visiting


You always make me hungry with the food, but I salute on your blog, your writing as well. extraordinary!
success is always for you.


thanks barvon, as always very happy to hear from you!


All these plates look like real pieces of art. :)
You had a great time in Taipei, I can see.


aw thanks joy, you are right. THere's a vibe of modern art in Taiwan, it's kind of a resurgence of hipster culture. It can be felt everywhere you go, including this place!


Nice. I love modern art and hipster culture. Now I have to put Taiwan on my bucket list :P

Excellent food tables are arranged. I want to take part. Can I get the invitation?


haha you are invited to join me (on steemit :D)

How are you sweetsssj? I always waiting for your new post. So beautiful post. All photographs are excellent. well decorated. Love all of your post and love you. upvote @sweetsssj


Hi dear, i'm very well thank you. Also thank you so much for being a devoted reader. .Sorry i haven't been too active lately, i'll do my best to not keep you waiting for too long!

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Post icin tesekkurler

I have missed your posts in here... Those are so many foods to eat! Welcome back


Thanks blogtrovert, i'm glad someone misses me! :)

What you said about food, absolutely yes @sweetsssj. I feel hungry after reading your post. So much food in there. Its really an amazing post. I like all about travel, encient place, Food, and you.


thanks safran, as I always say, food is one of the few non-guilty essential pleasures of life, we could all do with a bit more appreciation of the worlds various kinds of foods :)

Beautiful place! Sounds like you really have to plan ahead to visit that restaurant. The food looks good but very very small bite size portions. I guess it is in the art of the food. Come visit if you have a chance. Have a good day. Tess :)


hi tess! I'm beginning to believe the small portions are necessary because I was soo full at the end.. There is an art to cramming food without making it look obvious!

I'll drop by!

You are so trippical one @sweetsssj


what does trippical mean?

i accepr your invitetion

Taiwan food is most amazing food I have even tast.I learn the history of taiwan food. I feel I should try this exciting food.thanks for your great content post.


you're welcome dear, thanks for reading.




so sweet, delicious. I like it

Your Travel Story So Amazing...
And Popular.
i like You..
Like your every photos.
you travel really enjoy your life..
thxs for shareing with us.
best of luck

did you eat all of that dead stuff? It not good for you darling. LOVE


of course it's dead! You're not asking me to eat it live are you!?


No, I'm surely not. It would not be any better... LOVE

Wow Amazing @sweetsssj 😍


thanks myaceh :)


Thanks again, I hope you do not mind to visit my blog, we can share each other. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day @sweetsssj


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Nicely food..
travel and photography..


thanks sufian143

O wow all that food looks soo good! I've always loved traveling to Taipei to eat but i usually just go try all the street food. This looks great!


ooh me too ! I love the street food too, but credit where it's due, the food in the restaurants are really good too!

very beautiful thank you


thanks abdilkara , you're welcome.

so trendy .ur post are so attractive my mouth watered


ahah, I hope the watery mouth was worth it :D




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Thanks ^.^

Always love your new posts? These places look amazing!

I really enjoyed reading your post Its great! You have follow and upvote from me. I would really appreciate f you could check out my profile and give me some support :)


Thank you dear, had a look and found some interesting photography!

OMG the food is yummy!!!!


yes!! :D

nice post as usual ...
sorry for not catching up on your posts recently because i wasn't getting time of my work from university and internship.
i just opened steemit and say a post from you right on top of other's.
And its as informative and as mouth watering as ever...
Keep up the good work MA'AM... :)


hi! Thanks for dropping by with your busy schedule n all, hope it's all going well :)

amazing pictures and beautiful place seems like you had travel all the places and country which so beautiful and you present it's more beautifully .. love them 😊


thanks moharkan, have a nice day :)


you are welcome have a great day too you too ☺

Another lovely post with an great attention to detail, I felt like I was in Taiwan, never been there yet (been to Hong Kong around 30 times....but I think I should go and visit friends in Taiwan...you have wetted my appetite.....lol


wow, it appears you have a special affinity to Hong Kong, I wonder why that might be ? :)

I hope you do visit Taiwan though, you'll see a different side of Asian culture, even if it's just around the bend from Hong Kong :D


I went to Hong Kong on many Trade Missions and business trips from the UK.and also for holiday. After the shipwreck in the Malacca Straits and losing my wife, I have only been half a dozen times... but I did dance at the Hong Kong Salsa Festival a few years ago. I had a real blast that year, also danced at the Singapore and Bangkok Salsa Festival. 2009 feb  Hong Kong 047.jpg
and this is Bangkok

Copy of Picture 070.jpg


I'm very sorry for your loss dear, I hope that through your obvious passion for dance that you can continue to find a lot of joy and happiness. I'm sure travelling around the world doing what you love must be great!


You really are so sweet. I just love dancing..... hee hee on a recent cruise in the Caribbean I offered passengers my Speed cha cha 3 minute challenge. Learn to cha cha in 3 mins... if they succeed, they buy me a drink.. if they fail ..there is a forfeit...they buy me two drinks... 19 people up, only one could not cha cha after 3 mins... =20 drinks= my drinks bill for the week was sorted ..lol...hee hee btw ....Just posted about my Russian Dacha trip...now that was something else....wild interesting.... but primitive....but I don't think a sophisticated lady like you would have enjoyed it...

Realmente se ve muy apetitoso todo , me gustaría probarlo algún día. por ahora me conformo con ver las fotos y preparar el paladar con tu excelente exposición.

Bon Apetit