Miss. Delicious #66 : The infamous Blue Sail beach restaurant!

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Dear Steemit friends :

To sustain a good level of energy for quality vacationing, one must consume not only enough food but also quality food.

In the Bahamas, big fancy hotels do not necessarily serve the quality foods one might seek. It is actually quite a surprise to find that Burgers / Sandwiches and Fries remain very popular dining choices. Certainly providing some familiarity to the state side visitors.

Of course, I have nothing against Burgers and Fries - they too can be very fine in quality and taste, but I really wanted more opportunity to try the local foods offering more Bahamian style dishes.

Today I'd like to take us on a quick journey to a local restaurant on the main island of Nassau.

Situated by Sandyport Beach, Blue Sails is a beach restaurant that offers spectacular views of the adjacent beach and sea.

Because of its vicinity to the ocean, it isn't hard to reason that the beach restaurant serves some of the freshest seafood around. Indeed, this is one of the reputations this little establishment has come to be known for.

The main seating area mimics the layout of a deck on a boat, the wooden floorboards, the large windows overlooking the ocean all give a sense of being on a boat.

Other than the white walls, and white finish on the tables, everything else is contrasted with blue cushions, cutlery, and table utensils.

Let's see the menu!

One of their specialities is Wood oven fired Pizza, mostly featuring Mediterranean style pizza's.

They also have a really nice drinks menu.

As you can see, aside from the classics, there are also some local Bahamian Cocktails to tickle your fancy.

The drinks menu is also hand plaited which is a craft the locals are known for. It's often seen in other products like mini bags, baskets and hats.

The drinks and cocktails can be bought and enjoyed at the 360 bar.

First up, we have the conch chowder soup. Perhaps the favourite starter that I have come to love in Bahamian cuisine.

I really like my soups to be thick and full of texture. As you can see, this conch chowder did not disappoint!

Next, the rocket salad with roasted tomatoes.

Next up, we have the cocktails!

The one on the left is Pina Colada, my all time favourite cocktail and one I always enjoy whilst travelling to exotic and tropical islands.

On the right we have the Blue Sails Cooler. It's a pretty accurate description of the ocean waters in Bahamas, extremely rich blue colour and packing a reasonable punch!

Oh, and of course, the Cherry on top is exactly that !

The first of the mains is the Curried Shrimps with fresh ginger, Cilantro, Okra & Coconut Milk. Even though it is a curry, the sauce is actually very mild. It tastes more milky than spicy - exactly the way I like it!

Tastes every bit as good as it looks. The prawns just dissolve in your mouth, seamlessly mixing with the curry and herbal sauce.

The star of the show has got to be this Fillet of Hog Snapper with Strawberry and Mango Salsa.

Prior to visiting Bahamas, I had never tasted the Snapper fish before. The Bahamian variety has a pretty unique taste which can only be described as pure bliss. With the water quality of the oceans here, the fish has taken on a new level of freshness that I have yet to fully appreciate.

Whats more, the Strawberry and Salsa dressing totally took me by surprise. Fresh Strawberries on the fish fillets, served on a bed of fried Plantain? Absolutely delectable.

Crispy Conch Fritters complete the meal as sides. I have to say, the Bahamian delicacies really love using conch, and why not? The conch meat is firm and white with a somewhat chewy texture, fried with peppers and onions then battered with flour, this dish is the Bahamian equivalent of the Indian Bhaji.

What an incredible night time experience the Blue Sail beach restaurant has to offer. Bahamian food is beginning to titillate my taste senses. The romantic atmosphere, the unique food, the ardent location, together forms a dining experience one can only expect from one of the most well received restaurants in Nassau.

It's such a shame that I couldn't visit during the day for some majestic day time scenery. But, just to give you an idea of the spectacular views you can expect if you decide to come during the day, here are some pictures from the official website showing how splendid the seaside views can be.

The coral reefs draw such a contrast to the gleaming blue and shallow water, as if forming a stripey coat pattern in the sea.

The blue theme extends to the seating area and dining utensils, perfectly framing the restaurant against the backdrop of endless natural blues in the water and the sky.

For those wanting the most romantic dining experience, the pier walkway leads to an ultra exclusive dining hut, right in the middle of the ocean.

I really wish my next visit, someone could take me there!

Thank you for checking out my experience of the infamous Blue Sail Beach restaurant in Sandyport beach, Nassau, please up-vote if you liked the post, follow me for more delicious food adventures, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!





Would you go to steemfest?
I would like to see you post about it. Must be great.😁

You can't go wrong going with seafoods.
Great to see you're having a blast traveling the world.

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Thank you.

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It will be as great as rest of her post..👌

Tha location is outstanding and the foods looks scrumptious alright!

Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us all. Namaste :)

You're welcome eric! Just sharing what I think is the best for my lovely followers! Thanks !!

Thank you for the amazing comment, I really appreciate you taking the time to give such a personal message with so much sentimental value. I sure would love to visit Ukraine some day, hopefully very soon, it's been one of the places my close friends have recommended to me for quite some time. Actually they are from Ukraine too, so it's more than likely I will get to go in the very near future!

As for Asian destinations, well I am based in Asia as you know, so they will definitely feature a lot in my future posts!

Really happy to hear from you and hope to see more of you too.


Thats pretty cool how you recorded yourself. I need to learn how to do that.

You need any microphone, even on your phone will go, then you talk and publish on soundcould. That's it :)

thanks. i will try it out.

You say about sweet food, but could you please tell about bitter or that food you would never recomend even for your enemy. It will be more interesting. because not every steemians have way to those delicacies.

Please tell about things in your travel that was no so good. Dangerous which you go through. Hard times go through border etc

Hi miss @sweetssj You are so fabulous. Hope you will visit philippines too.

Very nice! That last picture is MAGIC!

another Lovely post @sweetsssj
every time we travel free with you, your work for this community is great. Every post up voted and resteemd.
Wish you best of luck, keep blogging and share nice travel stories with us.
God Bless you!!!

thank you viralcutz thank you for dropping by so frequently, me so happy ☺

Looks great!


Thank you for your sharing of these delicious food. I would like to try those food and go to the beautiful hotel to enjoy my vacation it is a good environment for me to relax and have a rest.I hope that you can continue to share such good post in your blog. I would like to see different great place to spend my holiday. Thank you so much!

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I'm so impressed by the detail in your posts, makes us feel like we're right there with ya. Great post as always, looking forward to seeing where you end up next!

Thanks steemdoge, still working on trying to improve on things. But I guess that's a continuing process!

Well it's def going in the right direction! I still haven't done an intro post so I have a lot more room to improve haha. Went through some of your past posts and love the Miss Opinionated's especially, I like your views on things. Take care ✌️

Awesome ! :)

Awesome ! :)

The food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

The pictures tell your story without even reading your post. Looks very delicious!

Honestly this looks like a typical Bulgarian black sea restaurant.. The only difference would be that you'd end up spending 60USD for everything if you were in Bulgaria, compared to there.
Lovely adventure as always.. Hope to see more soon.
Cheers and all the best.

ahahah i absolutely agree !

You do alot of fun things! I agree we must eat well to keep having fun and traveling. I appreciate all the work that you do . You have an interesting life

You posts always have many comments!

Your post is very interesting. By looking at your postings have added my insights about where to travel while enjoying the food. Actually I am also very happy to travel and eat or drink in different places. From your post I can a luxurious restaurant and also serves traditional food. I think it is rare there are restaurants that serve traditional food. I see you are very happy and like that place. I think that place will be everyone's favorite. Best regard

I know that subtle hint was directed at me. Lol. Just let me know when she I'll definitely take you there next time! 😍

Great blog ...amazing!!

So much quality in these post, it's crazy! And yes quality food is extremely important, for both health and happiness ;)

Thank you arsenal49! I completely agree of course, and that's how I give myself the energy every day to try enjoy life to the fullest!

Please set prices for this food. OK. It's interesting to compare with prices in my local restaurants.

I agree...Quality post it is👍👍

Talk about paradise...looking at those views, eating those delicoius meals, and drinking pina coladas!! SIGN ME UP

Another great post @sweetsssj


I wanna sign up again! .. and again.. and again! I can drink pina colada all day! Thanks!

Fort Lauderdale beach isn't that far from the Bahamas...come and visit and ill have Pina Coladas ready for us.

Amazing place and the food looks so good.

Great Pictures...thanks for sharing.

you're welcome!

Looks delicious! The food too!

Enjoy the good life! Cheers!

Thanks a bunch, will do!

I want to be there

Very beautifully done. Nice one my dear...keep it up...

thanks ken, will do!

always welcome from a fan and follower who is always eager to read and upvote your rich contents...you do inspire me always...keep doing what you doing girl, you a master in your art...

Thanks kenhudoy, i'll do my best!

welcome and hey...your best is turning out soo well and good enough for us...keep it flowing dear...

Wow @sweetsssj, strawberries on the fish, sounds like an exciting combo 😋 🍓
I think your are in seafood heaven in the Bahamas 😇 with all those tasty selections.
When you're in paradise like that, nothing beats the local flavors of food & drink 🍤 🍹

I was so surprised to see how well it worked out with the fish actually ^0^

I'd be surprised just seeing it in the first place on the plate, so it's nice to know it tasted as good as it looked it would taste. A culinary adventure in a new place is never a dull thing 😋

The truth is that i am in love with you method of presentation, the pictures are excellent , the food are looking so delicious. you have done a good job by showcasing blue sail restaurateur. you have done a classical reporting on the activities in the restaurant. you deserved to be paid by the management. good job as usual. upvoted.

thank you hynet, I sure would love a restaurant to hire me to do reviews for them.. as it stands I will just have to pick and choose the ones I like and report back to you guys :D

Your welcome, your doing a great job.keep it coming

I will do, thanks for supporting me! 😊

Your welcome, just know it that i will be always there for you.

look delicious !

I have not been Thailand before!
I think I have a reason to go now!

Thank @sweetsssj!


why would I type Thailand... :(
Food look very nice,BTW!

Ok I request Curried Shrimps with fresh ginger, Cilantro, Okra & Coconut Milk + Fillet of Hog Snapper with Strawberry and Mango Salsa and for drink Pina Colada , no worries, I will pay for both plates...haha . Very yummy indeed, makes me wanna visit and join.

That's like the full meal! You sure know how to eat :D

Absolutely will eat them with you after which we go and do sports...which one? power walking, running or steeming..haha

Looks like you're having a wonderful time and enjoying good food :-) xx

thank you sacha, goood food is always a treat on vacations like this!

Look at you go @sweetssj! Always traveling, always sharing, and always intriguing....love all of your wonderful photos. I've been to the Bahamas once during a cruise, but can honestly say I've never been to the places you've introduced us to. Ahhh...the pleasures of a cruise with only tourist stops! Keep up the wonderful content and stay beautiful! Spread da Love Yo! -Peaz

Seems a bit overpriced, but delicious :)

Well, I would say it is expensive, but not overpriced since I found it to be a valuable experience!


Looks delicious, The way you organize your travel and choose the hotels are awesome. Are you doing by yourself? of do you have aides to do?

Share some cooking recipes too?

Thank you! I choose all of the hotels and travel destinations myself, I do often ask my friends who have already been where they recommend, but most of the time it's just a lot of research prior to leaving as well as some poking around the locals!

Wow.. beautiful!!! Now am hungry!

Just writing this post made me hungry! haha, thanks!


Everything looks very appetizing)))
Upvoted and resteem)))

thanks kleryk200!

Wow! the foods look so delicious.

It was refreshingly authentic, after eating burgers for most of my meals, I really started to believe the food at Bahamas wouldn't be that good. I'm glad I was wrong though!

If you want authentic it's generally best to avoid resorts, especially in the Caribbean. Great blog!

definitely.. This restaurant was far away from the Atlantis resort, and thankfully so!

Tasty food sweet

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I agree! Food = energy. And with that beautiful view it triples!

the multiplicative effect!

THANK YOU i love all the pictures and more people have to see this so i will resteem it

Looking delicious, colorful and attractive.

thank you ebohio!

Oh yeah! This makes me want to eat some delicious food and do some traveling while I am at it! Very nice photo's as well! I am definitely following you!

thank you iot-corp! Food is one of the human necessities and yet, one of the things that give us the most amount of happiness. We actually go through very measurable changes in our body chemistry when we eat food which we like (or dislike) and that can greatly affect our mood and tempo!

No wonder some people still value what is essentially a perishable good, more than something they might physically own for a long time but bring less happiness.

See your photos is like being traveling with you.
this is really amazing for me thank you !

Thanks andy, that's the feeling i'm trying to give!

Beautiful post as always. Thanks for sharing Miss @Sweetsssj

Every year, tourists flock to the Bahamas to enjoy the warm sun, sandy beaches and crystal clear water. When you're not lounging in the sun or enjoying the islands' tourism attractions, get a taste for the nation's cuisine by sampling its food at local restaurants. Given the Bahamas' proximity to the ocean, many varieties of seafood are common, but the country is known for several other types of food.

Seeing you doing what I aspire to do--travel the world--is reassuring. I hope to one day share my experiences with thousands as well!

Thank you so much! Travelling the world has been some what my childhood dream. As I've grown older, the desire seems to have only grown. I really do appreciate you and everyone who follows me for taking such an interest and I really hope that you can all experience the same one day too!

I'm going to Europe in September and I'm going to vlog/blog my experiences! I'm hoping it goes well and I can gain some following during that time! Thanks for your response, it's nice to see that you truly care for your community.

Beautiful Blue Sail beach restaurant with fresh food

Not sure if that is you who takes the pictures but most of them are really great, well placed, good light. Awesome once again!

thanks! Yep, me with my iPhone :)
(Usually I use a DSLR or my new camera, but I didn't have the right lens with me to take pictures with my heavy hitting camera(s) this time)

I am impressed. Keep going.
Good voyage

bon voyage indeed!

I have to tell you... After reading your story and checking out these pics, I am HUNGRY! I have to get back down to the Bahama's pronto. Thanks for reminding me.

Wow! The food looks delicious.
It's made me hungry, I think it must be time for lunch.

I'd love to visit bahamas someday..and when i do.., i'll definitely go check the Blue Sail beach restaurant. Thanks for the info..😁

This is amazing. I want to do the same here in South Africa and share with everyone the wonders of this beautiful country. Keep up the good work. This is food for the soul!

Amazing post, keep it up! :D

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Nice write up, crisp content . looks like a sure go to place .

Hey sweetsssj, you seem to be well traveled and I am interested in hearing your opinion on this - Out of all places you visited, which do you feel stands out the most, or is the best, most interesting, or "The must go" place in the world?

beautiful ... Thank you for sharing...

Great Post! And that is some very appealing food!

If ever I am lucky enough to be in the area, I will give that place a visit!

Thank you for sharing 😊

Very nice & delicious. It tempted me to travel there.
Thanks for your report. 🙂

This is exactly the type of seafood restaurant I like. Freshness is always imperative but it takes on an added importance when you're talking about seafood. Fresh items, prepared with a unique creativity and arranged by knowledgeable hands makes places like this a little slice of heaven by the sea. The view doesn't hurt, either!

you have a way with words! I totally agree. It's rare to have a combination that ticks pretty much all the boxes!

your delicious post made my mouth watered Lovely ;)

Realy so lipsmacking narration that I started Imgining the recipe. Thanks, keep smiling.

follow me and upvote all my post,i will do the same, this way we both can earn.otherwise it is a useless.thaanks

What an extravagant experienc.

Very cool post, I can learn a lot of new things from you :D


Wow!! very good! I hope go to Bahamas!

Great post, Upvoted and followed.

Blue Sail beach restaurant!
Their food so healthy and delicious.

Wow what a lovely place! That rocket salad looks fantastic :)
Thank you for taking us with you to this beautiful place on earth ♥ Enjoy your time dear!

Thaaaannnk youuu! Rocket salad is such a strange taste for me, atleast compared with something like regular iceberg lettuce. Still, I realised it is more common these tropical islands and I have come to like it some what.

Yeah that's true, it has that natural spicy taste to it :-)
I guess in the restaurant it would be the only option for me as a vegan - plus the cocktails ha ha. Looking forward to more impressions of paradise - enjoy yourself ♥

Oh my God when i will have this type of life :(

Do like and follow me i'll like and follow u 2

How long have you been in the earth after fall down from heaven?
I think my @sweetsssj is one of angel. Coz u just travel, travel and travel. Do u still have wings on ur shoulder? Let me fly with you someday 😁😁

Its a big respect if u would come to my page, sweet angel ^^

nice restaurant blue theme is looking so attractive,wanna have a dinner with my becoming partner. upvoted!!!

congrats! Take a trip to bahamas and dine in style!

Omg everything is so gorgeous in the Bahamas. Ive always wanted to visit but i'm 16 with no money so I dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon lol. Great post thou, and great job on making my taste buds watery

Aww I was still locked up at home studying for my highschool entrance exams when I was 16.. don't worry, your time will come!