Miss delicious #37 : The Lantern Festival dinner at a brand new special seafood restaurant, celebrating the end of the Chinese New Year!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

A few days ago, the Spring Festival officially came to close and was celebrated with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the new Lunar Calendar year. In Asia, most people will gather with their family one last time at the end of this festival for a meal together. The restaurant I visited is situated by Feng Qing park and is a brand new Cantonese style seafood restaurant. The actual establishment is very large and is built with a fusion of ancient and modern Chinese architecture. On the ground level, the restaurant has glass 'walls' and on the top, we have the traditional Chinese roofs. As I mentioned before, this restaurant is very large and it's floor area is over 6000 square meters!

The entrance to the restaurant is very wide and spacious.

There is a sense of luxury with these huge beautiful crystal chandeliers.

Because it is a festive period, there are many adverts at the entrance for special deals.

The restaurant also sells some Eight Treasures Rice in some nice packages as gift boxes as well as Xi'an's famous 'Xi Feng' alcohol. Both are fantastic as gifts during the festive period.

On the big screen above, there was a video of beef being cooked. It really caught my eye because of how unusual the screen was placed, but also how tasty the beef looked!

On the sides, there are also many health products for sale, all nicely packaged in gift boxes too.

On the left of the hall way is one of the dining lobbies. Almost all of the round tables are fully occupied.

These birdcages are actually private dining areas. However, we chose to sit in the dining lobby to soak up the festive atmosphere.

Ordering your dishes is quite unique here, all the dishes are made into little billboards on a wall.

To order a dish, you take one of the cards from below the billboard and give it to the counter to scan the bar code.

Let's take a look at the delicious food we ordered!
To start off, we have some steamed buns with hot chilli oil dip.

Inside, the steamed buns have pork and vermicelli.

These prawns look beautiful with their very defined stripey patterns but aside from their distinctive look, they also taste different from the more regular prawns. For starters, their shell is tougher than usual, but underneath that tough shell, is very tender meat full of flavour!

Lush green vegetables!

Egg Yolk Tofu Soup, the soup is very thick and dense yet the tofu is extremely soft making for a very refreshing soup!

This restaurant has a peculiar way of preparing steamed fish. They like to cut open the fish from the bottom and spread the sides out like wings. This actually makes the fish's natural aroma come out more. Before tasting it I could almost smell how nice the fish would taste. Of course, after eating it, I was very impressed with the delicate white meat which was tender and full of fresh flavour.

Green Sprouts. These are really refreshing.

This is Taro and Pumpkin Lily soup. The Taro and Pumpkin are diced into small cubes and actually go really well together both in taste and in aesthetics. They taste a little sweet so it's almost like eating a dessert. One taste leads to the next and before you know it, it's all gone!

These are stir fried clams, they're very chewy and also presented very nicely!

Tonights star of the show is this delicious Lobster. The chef has prepared the lobster by dicing up the main body and then cooking it with the thick paste sauce. Although the sauce is quite thick, it's not too overpowering, together with the lobster meat which is very tender, it was absolutely delicious.

Garlic Chives with Cuttlefish. An unusual combination but it works!

These are Sesame glutinous rice balls, during the lantern festival, these rice balls represent unity and togetherness. The stuffing of these Glutinous Rice Balls are usually sweet.

After such a lovely selection of seafood, you must be wondering where all the seafood come from? Well, lets take a walk to the restaurant's seafood market and see!

The seafood market in the restaurant surrounds this big obelisk in the middle of the restaurant.

Diners circle around this obelisk and choose their

There is a sign which says 'Fu Jian Sea Produce', of course this means that the seafood here mostly comes from the Fu Jian province. Once you've selected which seafood, it's labelled and then weighed to see how much to pay.

The market attendants do the weighing for you.

These are lobsters from all over the world.

Stuck on the side of this glass are abalones.

These are the razor clams which we ate earlier.

These are oysters from Europe.

Various kinds of Spiral Snails.

The crabs are humongous

These are called 'Bread Crabs' also known as 'Cancer pagurus'

Last but not least are various kinds of fish. They look very exotic but entirely edible!

And beside the seafood market, we have an open style kitchen.

Here's a sea cucumber soup.

There are various cantonese and Fu Jian special produce for sale as well.

These are the chef's cooking away the dinner for tonight!

These are the condiments and seasonings used for cooking.

And that wraps up today's post on my Lantern Festival dinner. Each of my posts take a lot of time to produce, from taking the pictures, to organising them and describing the experience (in both English and Chinese) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do writing about it! Until next time!

今天我想带朋友们去尝一尝我的元宵节晚餐, 这家餐厅在西安的丰庆公园旁边, 是新开的一家6000平方米的粤式海鲜餐厅。这个餐厅的建筑运用古今结合的元素,下面是现代的透明玻璃材料,上面是中国古代传统宫廷建筑的屋檐,非常趣。因为过春节和元宵节的关系,门口有很多牌子写着各种优惠和套餐活动。

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Wow, what an amazing post! I felt like I was there with you. Shared to @Steemit Twitter and GPlus Queue.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate the help too, thanks!

Love the little smiling fish :) pity he will be eaten or has already been, i'd adopt him! haha


Aww haha, I try not to think too much about how cute my food is, but you know what, you're right!

Everything looks so tasty :D
Great post, thanks for sharing :)


Oh believe me it was tasty, thanks for dropping by !

@ sweetsssj, 好丰盛的晚餐,另最后那三个小汤圆太可爱了。。


是的呢 我觉得汤圆特别的可爱所以才拍的!

Great foods story @sweetsssj :)


Thank you bonton :)

An admirable work lady @sweetsssj, the chronicle of travel, the quality of the photographs, your choice of exotic dishes and the development of the post, really magnificent work congratulations


thank you @jlufer! It's really hard to capture the atmosphere of the event but I tried my best to get it on camera!


You are very talented, congratulations



看来你是吃海鲜里的老司机啦 ^ ^

perfect! great post... up and resteemed**


thank you homeartpictures, much appreciated :)


Your photos of this restaurant are magnificent and beautifully organized. This seems to be a very large restaurant. Do you have to line up to get a seat? Do you know how many diners the venue seats at one time?


Thanks @onceuponatime I too was very surprised at how large this restaurant is, especially with their seafood market, which is actually open to outside customers who may not even dine at this restaurant. I would guess this restaurant could sit 300-400 people with the number of round tables they have.

哀呀,搞得我好餓啊!@@... (my voting 1% was a fast mistake, sorry!)




哈哈, 没关系 , 你们来看我的文章就是最大的支持:D



哈哈, 希望我的食物照片给你一点安慰:)

You've worked hard on this one @sweetsssj and styling your first half of it too! Seeing the lobster made me drool right away as I am a huge fan. I also greatly enjoy surf clams, had an out loud laugh at the glutenous balls and marvelled at the inclusiveness in which this whole building provides for a very wide market of live foods all the way to a restaurant rather appetizing.

Thanks for sharing this goodness our way, namaste :)


eric, thanks so much, I usually try to keep my pictures full size, but once again had too many to fit in full size, hopefully you can still see them okay! Oh my.. the lobster.. only killed just moments ago, tasted amazingly fresh and cooked with such care to aesthetics too. I actually really like this restaurant, I will definitely be visiting again and I highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Xi'an!

that lobster dish tho-

it must be expensive for this meal!

You are a great writer! My respect!