Vegetarian Lunch Wraps on The Go

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I love quick and healthy food. That’s s why these wraps are one of my standard lunches. Nutritcious and delicious, baby!

They are so colorful!

Lots of veggies and vitamins.

I place a variety of greens and veggies on big whole wheat tortilla.

I used:

Red cabbage
Feta cheese - crumbled

Place the wrap on some parchment paper and wrap it tight.
Then cut into halves and enjoy!

I strongly regret not putting avocado in them!😢

I hope you Are all doing well! I am busy with work and with planning my one month in Vietnam. Departure is in only a few days! 😱

If you know what to do, see or eat in Saigon or Phu Quoc, let me know!



That looks amazing.

Seem very delicious, I would take the same with avocado, please. :)

I can make one for you :)

Cool, send it by Fedex!

Det så godt ut, @susanne! Jeg ser frem til å lese blogging fra Vietnam når du reiser nedover :)

Takk! Ja, det blir nok en del mat der også :)

Vietnamesisk mat er godt, selv om jeg aldri har prøvd originalen i Vietnam selv. Men jeg har hørt mye bra om maten der, så det blir nok spennende å lese om hva du finner (og spiser) :)

wow colorful food^^
& it looks delicious. i followed you .From now on, please

Det så godt ut! Takk for inspo :)

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