A Spur of the moment Lasagna Dinner with Lentils and Spinach

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I couldn't help myself when I saw @gardeningchef post her lasagna recipe with spinach and lentils this morning, it looked so mouth watering, I had to make it for tonight's dinner. Below are a few pics of the end result and of course I cooked to many lentils, but that's okay, they will go in a soup at the end of this week. :-)

food lentils cooking dinner.jpg

food cooking lasagna dinner.jpg

Here is gardeningchef's recipe post, be sure you stop by and take a look, as it looks so yummy!


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I love the lasagna chain that's been going around here on steemit! It makes me miss my favorite lasagna recipe I used to make back home!

The concept of lentils in lasagna still kinda blows my mind, but it looks way too good not to try one day :)


I am going to put mine in the oven in a half hour and will comment on how it tastes tomorrow.... here's hoping.


Enjoy and bon appetit!

Lasagna is always a taste dinner ;) Here in Italy we don't use lentils or spinach to cook lasagna (just ragù and besciamella), but this way to cook it looks very good ^_^


This is my first time Silvia doing it this way. I usually do a traditional Italian recipe.... I am married to an Italian so... of course! :-)


Sometimes I use to cook lasagna with pesto genovese (basil an pine nuts) and besciamella (I like to try something new ^^). I'll try also this with lentils and spinach ^^


We loved it! My husband requested future dishes of the same recipe. That really surprised us both. Delicious.

looks good


Thank you it was a delish recipe.


i believe you.you are welcome

@sunscape thank you for recreating my recipe, I'm totally flattered! Your lasagna looks really good and I hope both you and your husband enjoyed it :)


We loved it! My husband requested future dishes of the same recipe. It really was delicious, great job @gardeningchef

Amazingly good looking meal! Very healthy too! I cannot find lentils here, monk beans can be found easily in shops. This makes vegetarian dishes a bit constrained.

You are such a good cook! I will have to try harder.


That's too bad you can not get lentils, they are very good for you. Other bean varieties would work well I am sure.

Sure does look tasty. Lasagne is my daughter's favourite...


I think she has good taste in foods. I love it myself.


I am partial to a good lasagne too - it must run in the family.