Who loves Japanese food?

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I do have an awful habit of posting pictures of my meals rather than writing anything deep or meaningful. But people seem to like such pictures because who doesn’t like to eat food?

Last week, I left Dalian and this was my last supper so to speak. In truth I was never a fan of the local food in Dalian but the Japanese and Korean food there had always been excellent compared to that served in restaurants in other parts of China; thanks in part to the influence of those large expat populations.




I did not take a photo of every single dish that we ate, but I was there to eat, not take photos. So here we have a just few snapshots. What about you? Do you enjoy Japanese food as much as I do?

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Hahahhahaha, we all do the same at some time :P

used to work in a Japanese restaurant back in 2002. Everyone was Japanese except me. lol I learned a lot about quality Japanese food from susuhi to Kai Seki. Not easy find proper Japanese food in downtown Dalian oddly, tons of shops that do no justice to the food. I do here Kai Fa Qu has some good places.


There’s a lot of places in Kaifaqu that have long been owned by the same families; of course they vary in quality but many of them are good.