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RE: Miss. Delicious #82 : The Seven Hills at Sultanahmet!

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@sweetsssj I am so excited an absolutely Beautiful Woman in a very Beautiful Place with a STEEMIT T-Shirt with a @kaylinart design I believe. Who could ask for any more Fantastic Food and Pictures ?? PERFECT !


thanks stokjockey, I actually designed the t-shirt, I did get a graphic artist to tidy it up for me :) Thanks again!

@sweetsssj The design and promoting STEEMIT Priceless.....

It really helps, people often come up to me and ask me where my blog is. Of course i oblige :)

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I thought that myself, a beautiful girl, nice smiling with a lot of style and a steemit shirt traveling to spectacular places we can not ask for anything else is practically perfect, I know that perfection does not exist but when I see
@sweetsssj makes me doubt that.

thank you for being here and sharing your things you make this community very valuable and all the fortunes that you are earning you deserve.