Trying some new menu items

in #food2 years ago

I always take the opportunity to do some research for some new menu items.

Here's a lentil burger bean side salad, hummus spread, and a pickle for the meal and Key Lime Pie with fresh whipped cream for dessert.

A very satisfying meal with good nutrition and you don't feel to full or sluggish afterwards!

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I love key lime pie and lemon squares. I try to eat low carb but every now and again, I gotta have one of those. But it has to be more tart than sweet. Your lunch looked very colorful. Alas that bean salad is definately not on the menu for me.

That looks so good, and pretty healthy as well, I am not a huge eater so I like the size of the portions I could finish this off and have room for the pie, which I have to admit I am not sure i have ever tried Key lime Pie I must try it someday

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