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Everyday in the month of Ramadan, everyone falls into the food competition. What is the competition to compensate for iftar if not eat all day? Who can eat or cook? But it is important to know what can be done by eating vegetarian food. Due to fasting throughout the day the stomach is very hungry and weak. Then if you eat together so many serious foods, problems of headache, headaches, weakness, depression, ulcers, acidity, digestive problems will also occur. The weight continues to grow.

Nutritionist Akhtarun Nahar said that it is not necessary to eat expensive food every day; Rather, eat balanced, easy-to-eat and nutritious foods. It is good to eat gurupak food, burnt oil, fried chop, onion, purple, kebab, halami, meat meal and not eat meat. It can cause various problems in digestion.

Eat iftar
The body, brain, and nervous system at the end of the fasting due to not eating long time during the day wants to provide instant energy. So after a long time the food will be so easy and salty in Iftar. Want healthy, nutritious and balanced meals? It is not correct to think that expensive food is to be eaten.

Moderate yourself before the Iftar. Start eating slowly. Iftar can start dates iftar. Then drink water from one to two to the normal water. Then it is better to have a glass of fruit made of glass. Thus, eat the rest of the food slowly. Do not eat whole stomach, but keep the stomach empty. Then you need to drink water for a while.Chime, rice gram etc. can be eaten. After the iftar, dinner should be somewhat light and easy digested. Want to have more vegetables with rice. Otherwise, at this time constipation will be the constant constriction of the world.

You can eat as lentils, garlic, sweet pumpkin, cucumber, chapati, shrimp, kochshak, kachu etc. A piece of fish or a piece of meat can eat.
It is better to exclude more sugar substitutes. If you can not get rid of it, you can eat a small quantity. It increases blood sugar levels very quickly, increases weight. So eat as much sugar as possible and eat less sugar.

Occasionally it is hot, so if you do not drink 8 to 10 glass water, digestion problems will be there. You will have to drink a little water before going to sleep after the iftar.

What you eat in Sahri
You will eat normal foods according to the taste of eating too much food. Keep one quarter of the abdomen empty. And remember, the amount of water that a person should have on the whole day should be consumed at night.

What to do if you have acidity or gastric problems in everyday?
The first and the main thing is that the foods that are acidic, such as vajapora, fatty foods, etc. can not be accepted. Better to be able to exclude from the diet. Easy-to-eat food should be taken. Absurd food can not be eaten. After eating food should walk.Salat should not be eaten before eating or after eating a few minutes after going for a walk. At bedtime, the head will be raised high. Due to acidity, acidity can be given to reduce the risk of abdominal pain. Many times, after the iftar, sudden abdominal pain was felt. If it can be fatal, then the doctor should consult.

Do not eat all kinds of foods that are balanced diet. For example: protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, milk, curd, mineral, fiber etc. Eating enough fiber-rich foods? For example, red flour, nuts, beans, grains, grams, pulses etc. will be eaten. These are digested slowly, so long after hunger. Blood sugar does not grow quickly.
Tea, coffee consumption levels will be reduced.Otherwise, there may be problems with diarrhea, constipation, sleep problems. Chana Bhuna, Onion, Purple, Chop, Halim, Biryani etc should be removed in the spices.
Can eat cold food. Then fasting throughout the day, the delicate stomach can digest properly.

If constipation, you can eat it. If it is too weak, then the dubbing water or saline khan after iftar. Drinking soft drinks can lead to sleep problems, acidity, and ulcerative ulcer. So if you can keep soft drinks for a lifetime. Diseases of different diseases can be done fasting, but it is better to know the dosage, diet and regulation of the medicine at the advice of the relevant department.



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