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I fancied something lite for my supper yesterday evening so decided on Greek stuffed peppers and tomatoes. This is a dish I first tried in Kos and fell in love with it! So far it is the only dish I've eaten abroad that I've managed to successfully recreate at home; it's all very simple.

Grab yourself some peppers, tomatoes and big courgettes if you can. Unfortunately I couldn't get the latter. Chop the tops off them and hollow them out. Keep the scrapings if edible.


Get yourself a pan and soften a smallish onion and a clove or two of garlic along with the insides of your chosen veggies (or fruit in the case of the tomatoes). Then add rice, many use long grain but I used brown, then the a stock of your choice. I used a vegetable cube. Cook for around 15 mins, shorter for long grain, stirring occasionally and topping up the water as needed. Add tomato puree, oregano and plenty of chopped parsley and mint, lemon juice and zest.

My mum's Greek and she always suggests leaving out the garlic. I ignore her :)


Season and have a taste. I love plenty of herbs and lemon as that's what makes it a real fresh tasting dish. Once you're happy fill the hollowed tomatoes, peppers and courgette if you have them.


Plonk the tops back on and add some more stock to the base of the roasting tin.


Cover with foil and lob them in the oven for an hour at around 150. I then give them another 15 mins without the foil, you can turn the oven up a little if you so wish.


Can be eaten hot, warm or cold. Dead simple and absolutely delicious as a winter warmer or summer snack. Great for the lunch box.

Sorry for the wonky photos but Steem felt the need to re-orientate them.

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Those bad boys look amazingly delish indeed

I love them! Filling, fresh and delicious:)

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Yummy! I might try them next weekend for lunch.

Did you give them a go? I may cook a batch tomorrow for my work lunches.

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