fruity cookies in trompe l'oeil

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As a ripe fruit you actually bite into delicious shortbread.

Fruity cookies in trompe l'oeil

Not always easy to stick to the immutable rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day! It's complicated for our children ... but also for the older ones! To avoid feeling guilty and remember this principle with lightness, we opted for fruit biscuits not quite like the others.

Because these pretty cakes trompe l'oeil look like the fruits of our orchards. Do not we think we see an apricot with golden skin and a ripe peach just waiting to be crunched? In short, we would think they fell from the tree ... they are just a little sweeter!

To reproduce them in turn, you will need to make a template. Thanks to them, you can then cut the shapes of your fruits in shortcrust pastry. Vary their size for even more realism! Finally, follow our instructions detailed here For tasting, we trust you!


cardboard or rhodoid . dough batter. a piping bag. yellow and red dye. leaves in unleavened bread



Awesome idea. To make fruit cookies kids will enjoy it more @sobiakanwal is it your own idea. I mean are you from business back groud.. Looks so great and will hit the ceiling . Trust I don't consider girls as logical as boys do. #thanks for the post. #keep it up Dear.

Thank you very much

You are welcome sobia! where are from ? And please don't mind that I call girls illogical. :)

Bohut khoob



Damn this looks like such a delicious and healthy desert!


The delicious cakes @sobiakanwal ..


Yes friends, I also have a new post on the block ..


Yes my friend ..

Mmmmm yummmyyyyyyyy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


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