Eating in Melbourne: Lee Ho Fook

in food •  3 months ago

My friend raved about a restaurant called Lee Ho Fook which is in one of Melbourne's lane ways. I had a 20 dollar voucher I could use for this place so I invited her and some friends to go for dinner last night.


The crispy eggplant was their signature dish. It was deep-fried and had a vinegar sauce that was very distinct in flavor.


The other entree we had was the wagu beef tartare which was supposed to be wrapped in dried seaweed. It was a bit like sashimi because the beef was cubed. There was a bit of Sichuan peppercorn flavor, cucumber, and puffed rice. Delicious!

The Fujian Style Blue Swimmer Crab and Scallop Fried Rice was my favorite dish. It was more soupy than I expected which was a nice surprise. The scallops were big and juicy. The egg white gravy was a great addition.


We ordered two mains. The second was Murray cod with pippis that were stir-fried with chilli, garlic stems and green capsicum with black bean sauce. The fish was deboned and had been deep fried first. It was lovely and fresh. The pippis were a bit small and there was a bit too much black bean sauce but it went well with the white rice we ordered.


Dessert was a pumpkin ice cream and Osmanthus Custard with burnt caramel. I liked the ice cream more. It came with pumpkin jam, kombu and cocoa. The seeds added a nice crunch. The custard was very smooth but there was too much caramel sauce. It tasted a bit bitter.

The service was great and the decor was modern and industrial. A fun night with friends.


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Looks very tasty)


It was:)

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Food looks great, but I'm thinking thats a great way to lure you in with a voucher, you probably spent much more than $20!!


Yes we did but it was worth it!

Despite having read the title several times it's still coming out as "Ho Lee Foook" in my mind XP

Yay for fun nghts out with friends, and the food looks pretty good!


I found it hard to remember the name too! It was fun to hang out with friends