My homemade bacon and latte art combo

in #food6 years ago

Hi, my dears!

Today photos of my homemade smoked bacon and my latte art.

Everything is delicious and smell like heaven :)

I hope you start to feel a little greedy because I made about 5kg of great bacon :)

So, time to show the photos :)


Thank you all!
Have a good and tasty days!


Знаешь чем супостатов заморских порадовать )
Сам себя не апаешь? Не комильфо?


Thank you :)

Umm that looks like good bacon...yumm

so delicious. 😍

Well now I'm hungry....


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Increases appetite in the morning :)

Thank you for upvoting my photo. If you like that one you will love my other ones.

Bacon sandwiches?

oh... lot of bacon, it's like a fantasy world :)
Sandwiches, eggs, wraps and pure bacon.

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