My Daytime latte-art tryings. Chameleon

in #food7 years ago

Well well well.... do you know how one is the best master camouflage? Yes, this is Chameleon.

Today I make my latte art chameleon, I try to keep him friendly, but color version is a spiteful chameleon, and I don't like it. If you want to see color version just let me know and I will add photos in comments.

Thank you!


I was hoping to see the axolotl

:) lol I know what you talking about :))
Maybe next week :)

rofl 😂

What's a green and blue suspense?

Observators on their seats :)

Excellent chameleon!

Thank you! :)
I can't find my name what you had wrote with ghost pepper

Look in my big foot post called Rock rash, you can copy it from there.

Nice Work Smailer :) resteemed !

Wise post!

such a funny little chameleon:)

I drink the coffee...I've never made art out of it. LOL
I can't even imagine how long it took you through trial and error to get this art down to a science. Heck, I can't even make a shamrock out of Guinness foam! It's a mysterious art to me. :) Great job.

Thank you :) he he I never try the beer. but think what beer foam bubbles is too big for good art :)

creative... !!!

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