Lunch and Dinner After The Retirement

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It has passed one month since I retired.
I am enjoying my daily life now.
I get up lately and have a late morning.

Then walking to my small cave, and taking a hot coffee there.
Some of my colleagues recommended me of having a small private place only for myself.

They called it a cave.

As males having done since the Paleolithic era, they told me that I need a cave to looking at the fire after hunting animals.

I accepted their advice and having rented a small office for day time.

And I found small and humble restaurant for my lunch.
I made a rule having a lunch alone.
The one of the biggest difference was having lunch alone.

The humble lunch is important for me due to the problem of my health.

Just before the retirement, I had screened my whole body.
Doctors gave me several warnings on my health.

I thought that they determined the the retirement timing in considering of people’s health problem

I have had a lunch alone since the retirement as soon as possible.
Yes, I feel lonely sometimes when I have a lunch alone
But this lonely time give me precious chance to look back myself.

Below was my lunch yesterday.

2018-03-08 16.06.00.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.01.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.23.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.30.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.34.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.40.jpg

2018-03-08 16.05.51.jpg

2018-03-08 16.04.50.jpg

People around me were mainly the construction laborers.
They put on worn and rugged cloths.
As looking at them, I thought each one has it’s burden on their shoulders.

On the wall of the restaurant, somebody had wrote something.
While waiting for meal, it is small pleasure to read the scribblings

2018-03-08 16.04.42.jpg

After this lonely dinner, I had a meet up with 2 my high school alumni.
One is a dentist, the other is traditional medical doctor.

It was a first dinner with them after my retirement.

We went to the Chinese restaurant as usual.
My friend, a dentist, adores the Chinese food.
So we have taken Chinese food mostly when we met.

We had a toast with chinese wine.

Below were the photos of chinese food we had.

2018-03-08 16.06.05.jpg

2018-03-08 16.09.12.jpg

2018-03-08 16.13.06.jpg


2018-03-08 16.08.56.jpg

2018-03-08 16.09.12.jpg

2018-03-08 16.13.17.jpg

2018-03-08 16.13.33.jpg

2018-03-08 16.13.48.jpg

2018-03-08 16.14.12.jpg

Inside of the restaurant looks like below

2018-03-08 16.14.21.jpg

2018-03-08 16.14.32.jpg

I love this kind of wall papers.

We talked mainly about our kids.
It was a happy night.
I feel happy always with my friends.
It must be happy dinner since I had a lonely lunch.

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People have a lively heart can enjoy every moment of their life. loneliness is not a problem for them. Lovely post sir.


Thank you for your word


hi be an we have a chice

Very delicious looking, wish I could have some of that food right now.

Wow! That's pretty good! It's healthy to have little portions of different kinds of food. My playful appetite is easily satisfied with variety. Thanks for sharing!


the more the better


Oh that's very interesting, what you're saying. Why is it healthy?


I guess he meant that It's always healthy to have food in small portions rather overeating :)

Congrats on making it to retirement. Enjoy the time!

You had there some well-balanced meal and low fat too @slowwalker . It will surely give you a better health disposition since you are eating healthy foods. Maybe feeling lonely means that you need something to do like what you just like to do in life, in that way you will get happier. Just remember that you are not really sick like me and you are really in a great situation in life that most people are dreaming about.


I really appreciated.
Yes, I will do my best for my life.
once more thank you for your word


why you are so beautyful


yes you say the truth comment @crytopie @slowwalker deserve it to enjoy himself after service, but only you will finish this dinner. Lol


I totally agree to this idea @cryptopie. Loneliness is not healthy, you definitely should consider this @slowwalker

Korean food is my most favorite food ever! Great pictures man, enjoy that retirement every single day. I put you on my auto voter, i'll be checking you out daily now.


yes OG korean are very good when we talk about food,
man m waiting for your retirement too, lol
@broncnutz don't take it serious just kidding


Thank you so much

I must say you had a good lunch.
It is night here at my place and I must say after seeing your food pictures, I am hungry now :p

It is always good to reflex on one's life, but I don't like to eat alone myself. I especially don't like to eat in a restaurant by myself! Glad you had a meal with your friends!

I really like to eat my food alone because then nobody distracts me from enjoying it and I do not need to make needless small talk!



Hi friend, I have no idea,why you are having your lunch lonely?After retirement it happens,but you are a awesomee personality,so please be happy ,as i am also the lonely person before joining steemit,but now i use to pass my time by writing some madly poem.I am not giving you advice,but from reading your post i am just sharing with you.please,forgive if i hurt you any way.wish you a very beautiful time ahead.


yes you are right @maya7 why spending time alone after retirement,
meet with old friends remind your time with them


Thank you maya,
I am enjoying my retirement

Enjoy your retirement. I am jealous. The lonely lunch whenever you want to is awesome.

I hope crypto, maybe steem will provide funds for a sabbatical and recharge the batteries.


i hope so too someday


enjoy it yes...we have no choice nice foods


Hello and congrats on retirement! Those meals looked amazing! Good luck to you!


Yes, it is nice meal.
Thank you so much

Let's all retire

Buen post

I have lunch on my own pretty regular. I dont always enjoy it to be honest , not because I am by myself but I am the only one by myself.

But one a usual day I am totally fine with that. I am a person who needs quite a lot of time for itself.

The wallpaper looks great btw


Yes, I am enjoying lonely lunch.
It is not bad to have a tranquil time once a day

i guess those are wonderful korean foods..i love koreans foods...happy retirement....

This is an ideal retirement life: meeting with old friends and chatting about family and your past while enjoying good meals
It would be even better if you spend your time with family members as well.
As long as you are healthy with the companion of family, there is nothing more you can ask for



Nice lunch and diner!!!)

wow amazing enjoy life sir after retirement

Good food good life :)

@slowwalker I noticed something here. The atmosphere at the first restaurant was a bit drab when compared to the second restaurant which was cheerful.

Well loneliness is bad though but one thing is certain you would still get used to it


It seems delicious Food, the way you organize your photos is very easy to digest the steemian, plus some awesome shots, interesting postings, very useful for culinary lovers, good luck

The lunch looks so nice, that's a lot to eat by yourself. I don't quite understand the correlation between eating alone and health though, is it because of the drinking culture in korea? I have a few Korean friends and any time we eat together the soju will come out :P I like that you're taking time to self reflect, it's a good way to find your strengths and negatives and become a better person.

The Chinese restaurant looks really good! It looks as if it's northern Chinese food which is usually sweet and sour foods. There's a northwestern restaurant near me that myself and friends love to visit occasionally. They have great sweet and sour pork as well as soy sauce eggs. Which was your favorite of the Chinese dishes?


I love all chinese dishes. hahaha

wow your enjoying your retirement. Just like my mom, she's enjoying every bit of it. no more annoying boss and deadlines to meet.

hi @slowwalker , I'm very curious about the taste of the food, which obviously fits perfectly with the cold weather

Hi@slowwalker retirement period is the best time to relax to remind us sometimes we need to take a break from our daily a mom now working full time, i missed the time when i am still working, time flies so fast you didnt notice you dont even have a time for yourself to do the things you left undone.hope this time you'll find time to do the things you didnt do while your busy on your career just like for your health recovery.


Thank you for your warm words

it is very tasty.
can i ask for a little @slowwalker?

Congratulations on your retirement sir! When I have the money, I'll also consider having my own "cave" nice touch mr. @slowwalker

congrats...happy to may like my recent couple posts..thanks

if in my village it's called kangkung stir fry, sour vegetables, toge stir-fry it's everyone's favorite food tastes good

It has been two years since I retired. I worked in education as a teacher and as a Principal for 40 years. I enjoyed my work, but now I also enjoy being retired. I also get up later than when I still worked, and enjoy my morning coffee and the newspaper in all quietness. My living room is my 'office', and I wasn't bored once in these two years. I wish you a happy retirement.


Thank you.
Let's enjoy the retirement

How beautiful. I hope I can retire and live such good days.

There must be a deep emotional thought and flashback of the memory that you could not let go at the moment and feeling of disbelief that you had your retirement if you have a better plan for your future and assign yourself to have another routine all those lonely feeling will wash away slowly...Thanks for your sharing.


Yes, I am satisfying my retirement.

Look so delicious foods @slowwalker thanks to share

One of the ways to enjoy retirement is to live for others.. My mum is retired too, now she spends most of her time helping people, it gives her so much joy and now that lifestyle have been passed on to us. It's incredible. The food looks yummy though, now I'm hungry. lol.


Yes, I spend most of my time in Steemit.

It is very tasty, Sir...

Hope you feel better soon and congratulations on your retirement! Your healthy lunch and yummy dinner with friends look so good!:)


Thank you so much

So long for your old job @slowwalker i'm sure you'll gonna miss it.

Hey, slowwalker, your retirement life seems great.
Both Korean food and Chinese food look great. I think Korean food can be more healthy, with less oil, love it.


Actually, Korean style food is very good for health.


I love a Korean Youtuber called Maangchi. Every time she cooks, my mouth is watering. Korean food is amazing!

life is simple but full of happiness . enjoy your retirement days!


Thank you

Im hungry right now @slowwalker..

this looks very inviting and delicious. Although I was at home with my wife to eat lunch, I feel a little hungry. :-)

This delicious food, i appreciate this photography.

amazing Korean cuisine, from the photography alone, it looks so good, I feel like I'm Enjoying it

I started a diet on Wednesday, and your post has made me hungry.

We are happy for you sir

nice wall paper!

i am reading about portion control diet now a days and your lunch is looking good in portions.stay blessed and healthy life.healthy diet has good effects on our mood ,life and health.


Yes, I believe healthy meal brings healthy thinking and life

Congrats on your retirement. Looks like a great day with good food and a fun time with old friends.

Enjoy this time. Do everything you have always wanted to do. See the world!

eat in special places sometimes exciting,Moreover, if a unique.your life very lucky, spend time-retirement to do things unique.others with our people, few people who have jobs, they work from a young age to old, without feeling pension.success is always for you, hope your days are always fun.keep your health, thank you have to share


Thank you so much

@slowwalker, you are still strong to move out, have lunch, do chit chats with friends and have fun over dinner. Loneliness is not good for you now, especially retired. Think of those things you had always wanted to do and do them. You have retired, it is time to have fun. Get something or someone or the both.

Hi, Awesome photography.. Thanks for sharing. very helpful and informative.
Hope you could share some tips about photography blogging. Have a wonderful day.

I would gladly love to eat that amazing, sumptuous lunch with you. Wow. Really nice and rich, i must say.
That's one thing about retirement, you have more time on your hands and you feel lonely sometimes. I admire the fact that, you use it to reflect, sometimes. That is one fine looking restaurant. Really nice sir. Well done. I am sure you had fun with your Alumni and memory popped in too, with some good, healthy laugh.
Happy retirement sir. One month gone.


yes, thank you


Really glad to hear that.

very tasty food.

The food is delicious friends although the restaurant is small ..
Retirement is indeed the time to rest @slowwalker, your amazing friends have set up your health all to prepare for the present ..

The food looks good‼️
I like the wallpaper aswell as it tells a story📖👌🏾
Hopefully I can join the club one day🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

You are a good writer. It was coming in slow and steady. Well I here That retirement life is not easy for some people, I hope yours is exciting.
Sorry to here about your health, wishing you good and quick recovery.

nice dish @slowwaker
You had there some well-balanced meal and low fat too @slowwalker . It will surely give you a better health disposition since you are eating healthy foods. Maybe feeling lonely means that you need something to do like what you just like to do in life, in that way you will get happier. Just remember that you are not really sick like me and you are really in a great situation in life that most people are dreaming about.


Yes, Steemit ease my lonelyness

I love Korean food, especially Banchan @slowwalker.

I have Korean relatives, so I appreciate this kind of food. My aunt made it for us when I was a child, and she taught me how to use chopsticks. :) Anyway, at least you can eat this kind of food cheaply where you are. Here in the US, this would be an expensive meal. Thanks for the lovely post.


Yes, so I will live in Korea to eat cheap lunch

It's really great to see that you are enjoying your life and also enjoying your retirement and the best part in this i found is you show us the importance of give some quality time to ourselves without any one's interference 😇😇

And all food items are looking beautiful and colourful.thanks for sharing these moments with us.


Thank you for comment.
Yes, I am really satisfying my retirement life.

very very nice post and your photography are best in steemit we also follow your post and your steemit account I love your post believe me friend you are the best


When you have time to do things and you tons of extra time this is what I'd do too. Stroll around, some alone time and time with friends. :)

Well i did not know that you are enjoying a retired life. Yes, this life always has mixed feelings og both happiness & sadness altogether.
Really sad to hear about your health condition and even felt more sad that you often took lunch lonely :-(

Chinese food is prevailing all over and people are fond of such type of food i am happy that you spent some quality time with your friends, wonderful :-)

Thanks a lot for the awesome photographs :-) :-)


Thank you so much

It's nice that you get to meet with old friends. Are they still working or they have retired too? Id like to retire at 40 years old but I don't think I can do that. Haha. Gotta pay the bills and keep working until there's enough money to support the retirement.

Please take care of your health. ❤ We still have a lot to learn from you. 😊


Yes, money is important for enjoying retirement

Wowww....those are delicious lunch @slowwalker, never mind when you can enjoy your own life after all


hi:) you have a very nice blog. I am watching you and I invite you to mine. I invite you to my new lottery GORDON STEEMIT LOTTERY where you can win cool prizes :) I greet Gordon :)

Enjoy your retirement! You have been posting very regularly. You must enjoy this aspect of your life now - to document your day in great detail. Thank you for sharing your interesting posts!


Thank you.
Posting in Steemit is my source of power after the retirement

Watch for your health and nutrition whether you are young or old. Healthy food is something we need to be more educated about, especially we need to educate our children about it.

If you have a car that runs on gasoline, you will not fill its tank with diesel... Same happens with people. Our oganism needs healthy organic food!

Enjoy your retirement. Well, I see you're already enjoying it!

Much love!


your words are awesome on healthy food


Thanks @slowwalker, we need to share real knowledge to enpower ourselves and our organism so we can think more clearly and live more happily...


good food friends

Wow .... The same food as in my country is indonesia.Saya really love the eggs of the cow's eye. kerenn broeee

Woow 😍I love the Chinese and Japanese restaurant

I am so jealous, @slowwalker. Your blog brightens my day , also make me hungry.
Enjoy your retirement, mostly enjoy your life and friendship. Life is short, enjoy what we have. you got my upvote.


Thank you so much

Nice delicious...

very nice food. thank you friend.

This almost reads as a long prose-y poem. Beauty in the everyday moments, both happy and lonely. Glad to see food pics are welcomed here at Steemit. Im new here and look forward to reading some more of your work. Bless.

this comes with so much beauty..I wish you could invite me someday to dine with you,lol..thanks for this @slowwalker

Wow,nice,i hope you are having fun in your retirement,and nice food .

Good to have friends by your side through a big transition in life. Hope you get to notice and appreciate the small things in life just like today!


Thank you for your words

It looks pretty appetizing, I think I would like Korean cuisine. Also, this type of food is healthy, that is, it is not harmful to health, it is very important after retirement.


Yes, korean cuisine is healthy


You can not say about Ukrainian cuisine, unfortunately, we have a lot of heavy and calorie foods

Congratulations tasted lunch and dinner. look more delicious dinner than lunch. interesting stories

I can understand the need for a “cave". I have no privacy now and it's driving me a little crazy.

Retirement should be good for your health as long as you stay active and have goals. Less stress I hope!

Congrats on your achievement. Your consistent hard work has paid off.

Like indonesian food

I lend you a my opossum so that you never eat alone again. It's a lot of food, what's the dessert? That's what I would eat with more pleasure.
What health problems do you have? I do not want you to get sick, I like your culture and I want to continue learning from it.

Sir job life is so tuff and diseplinary life, and after retirement every person enjoy freedom existence.
I have seems exact on you sir. It is a time to experience a number of the belongings you have been too busy to whilst you were working. Revel in your freedom stay with us experience steem plateform.


Thank you

Wow! The food seems delicious!

Food is most important for our health.Specially only well hygienic food.I love food. And I like well food.I don't eat more out of limit.So,I think this is well for health.

Good post

after you evolve to loneliness... you will feel like, it's the best thing happened to you... Some times it's like freedom.. Nothing to worry.. and you will have time for enjoy yourself... and you had a delicious meal... so.. don't worry about loneliness. you will get use to it and you will enjoy it


Yes, I hope so.

Nice food Sir good photography

by eating a nutritious food then our body will feel healthy and that and our activities are always comfortable, successful for @slowwalker

wonderful post sir. people have a lively heart can enjoy every moment of their life. loneliness is not a problem for them.