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RE: How To Make Awesome Bread (Coronavirus Apocolypse Survival Edition)

in #food8 months ago

Looks awesome. Bread has a reputation of being tough to make so I won't your despite your detailed post!

I have never heard of Tiger bread? I eat Warburton's medium and love it.. that's if the shops have any.. it's hard to buy now due to the zombies panicking.

While in the US I can't recall eating bread at all. Maybe I tried it once and it was as bad as you claim.


Thanks, @slobberchops. If you get the Warburton's you probably never see the tiger loaf if you're shopping in Tesco for instance. The bagged loafs are on the shelves while the tiger bread is over in the fresh baked area.


They get that cracked appearance from the rice flour paste they put on the top that cracks as the bread rises and bakes. I stopped making the paste in favor of putting cheese on top, but they both taste great!

And yes, you aren't missing much with most American breads. The only thing it is good for is ghetto grilled cheese sandwiches.

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