seafood for breakfast😋

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good day fellow steemians.. since i work night shift things works in opposite way..
we decided to go to seafood place for breakfast
In Bacolod City, there is a beach resort located in Barangay Sum-Ag known as Punta Taytay.
On the road leading to Punta Taytay is a very large restaurant complex known as “The Viewing Deck.” Each section or restaurant is known by a number. its look like floating bar if it hightide.
its also known for mangrove sanctuary



we ordered "KINILAW" known as Filipino ceviche
its a raw seafood dish literally eaten raw.
prepared using raw cubed fish mixed with vinegar


ofcourse our all time favorite buttered shrimp scallops



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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I love seafoods! But I learned to eat kinilaw only from friends in Davao/Cebu/Iloilo hindi kasi samin sa Sorsogon tsaka for lunch/dinner ko lang po yan kinakain. 😂

Why did you have that for breakfast? It's not one of my favorites, but it certainly makes me crave for that. Hahaha! :D

Favorite ko po yan pero not for breakfast 😅