We need the the bees and the butterflies!

in #food4 years ago

Not many people know about how we're loosing the Bees and our Butterfly's due to the government dropping chemicals on farms and injecting our fair game Poultry with hormones. As well cross breeding of our vegetables. We need our Bees back to live so people look it up. How come so many people are getting cancer and other diseases. Please do some research on this subject especially about our Bees, if the Bees are dying then we will surely die, we need them just look it up about our bees. As well watch on Netflix (FOOD MATTERS). We have such a grand world here with our computers etc. ... Well if your going to plant a garden make sure you buy organic seeds. You'll see I'm right as so many are wanting to buy Organic food now, and so I'm saying read up on this. I didn't believe it either until I watched (Food Matters) on Netflix !!


I agree, it is more important than ever to be informed about what is in our food, a critical time that can impact our health in the future.

We will find out one day that something in our food is making us sick with autoimmune deseises. In the future we will look back and think wow what were we thinking putting that our food!!