Mr. Gourmet Tries The Most Delicious Oriental Sweets!

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The traditional cuisine from the middle east has its very own, unique flavors - spices like cinnamon, cumin and curry can give dishes that special kick!

Growing up, a lot of my friends were from Turkish origin, so many of these flavours are quite familiar and take me back to my teenage years.

I had decided to try out a new restaurant that offers different kinds of arabic and turkish cuisine, but has actually specialized in oriental desserts.

First, we started off with something quite hearty though, and went for a variety of pastries with different fillings.
One of them was Lahmacun, a kind of turkish pizza, then Pide, a soft dough with meat- and vegetable toppings, and lastly some dough stuffed with lamb meat and spices.
I love how hearty these oriental dishes are, they can satisfy any hunger without being too greasy or heavy.
And the subtle heat of the meat and vegetables fit perfectly with the fluffy, warm pita bread.


But now, the reason why we really came to this specific restaurant - THE DESSERTS!

They offer a mouthwatering selection of different cakes and desserts.

Just look at this display! It's sweets galore!

Cakes, Cookies, dessert, fruit and chocolate as far as the eyes can see.



The Restaurant was actually called "Grand Cafe Baklava" so you can already tell that they take their Baklava very serious here!

Of course we had to take a box home so that we could enjoy some more Baklava later on.
In case you didn't know, Baklava is a very sweet oriental dessert made with multiple layers of puff pastry and butter, syrup and nuts in between.
Once you take the first bite, the soft mixture of honey, nuts and syrup just explodes in your mouth... so sweet but so delicious!


Now on to the real desserts!

First up, something that caught my eye as soon as I walked in to the restaurant - this beautiful dessert with mascarpone, fresh strawberries, and what looked like a chocolate topping.
Without even knowing precisely what it was, I ordered it - and I wasn't disappointed!

The white cream was a mixture between mascarpone, white chocolate and whipped cream, sanwiched between two layers of an extremely soft and chewy brownie. And of course, with added strawberries on the side!

It was the perfect combination between, fruity, chocolatey and mellow/sweet!


Next up, a very traditional arabic-oriental dessert: Kunafah / Künefe.

The filling is made from a specific kind of cream cheese and kadayif, then wrapped with crispy, sweet dough, topped with sugar syrup and pistachios.
It's very hard to describe something like this if you've never tasted it before - it's warm, sweet and crispy from the outside but mellow and creamy from the inside.
And it goes perfectly with a hot drink, for example traditional apple tee.


And lastly - some ice cream! But not just any ice cream ...

When I saw this ice cream dessert on the menu, I instantly knew that I had to try it.
It was called "nut indulgence" (which is catchy in German because the words rhyme) and featured some of my favorite ice cream of all time: Häagen Dasz Maple Walnuts!
So it was a trifle of Chocolate, Walnut and Pistachio Ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and lots and lots of chopped up walnuts, almonds and pistachios.

This was truly nut galore!



After all of these delicious desserts, it was time to return home (and have some of that delicious Baklava later...)

Until next time!

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I love the way you present your posts. Artistic and tasteful...or is it tasty?

Thank you! I guess both counts in this case 😜

Wow those Arabic sweets looks insanely delicious. Thanks @sirwinchester for sharing the amazing pics.

Glad you like them, I wish I could share the sweets with all of you guys!

This stuff makes my mouth watering :o :D
I'm a huge fan of baclava and those look very moist and delicious _
You Sir, seem to have a very great time with those masterpieces of dessert so keep on enjoying your time hustin' here on
Greetings 'und schönes Wochenende' from Wuppertal ;-)

Feeling Hungry

Hahaha, thank you! You're right, these are absolute masterpieces!

thank you for posting and now i am hungry

I feel like eating again even if I am not hungry

Time for a midnight snack!

Hmm. Everything looks very yummy :-) Especially the first dessert :-)

Thank you 😁

Hello how are you?
introduce my name KHAIRUL.
I live in INDONESIA.
How steem development in Australia?

Mouth Watering Stuff ... Looking YUMMY


Wow! that last dessert! Looks like it can feed a whole family :D

Those are some pro quality pics dude!

Wow, some amazing stuff there, I personally can't get enough of baclava... mmmm... heart attack waiting to happen...

Those sweets look amazing! I know what's next on my bucket list lol

You just made me so hungry! The pastries look delicious. And it isn't fair the way you made the photos wiggle. Is that a .gif? It makes me not able to keep my eyes off them like a hawk sees a mouse. I plan to blame you for the calories I'm about to consume. I'll name this pound I will gain SirWinchester.

I always stopped for Lahmacun in my hometown.

Thank you for making me homesick

@sirwinchester very mouth watering sweets out there! Which country is this restaurant located?
Btw as my wife is Moroccan, she is an expert in quite a lot of the Arabic desserts like Baklava, Gazel Horns, Briwat etc...
Anyone interested to have authentic recipe of home made arabic desserts/food, just let me know. Will be happy to assist!


This Lahmacun look so fucking good ! I wanna try it.
Btw: i dont like baklava :/ too sweet for me.

On our trip to Petra Jordan they gave us Baklawa and it was so good but I could tell it was so fattening. If there was a place that had this here I would be 400 lbs!

Oh, Turkish sweets, it's just amazingly delicious, it's impossible to stop! :)

I can smell and taste them from just looking at your awesome pictures

I'm drooling just looking at these pictures. Oh my gosh. Awesome gifs, this has really given me inspiration for my posts. I'll be sure to share with my friends :)

You have to visit Istanbul! And try the legendary Kup Griye from Baylan Pastanesi! Love Turkish food! Upvote

wow man , great post indeed and will certainly try them food in a Turkish restaurant. Following you in order to show my support and upvoted. More success bro

Awesome! Looks quite good! 😃

this looks so good :)

Hello @sirwinchester, very exotic food, it must be very delicious. Great Post

looks gooood ! :D
bon appetite @sirwinchester! ;)

sweeeett heaven! Love the pics!

nice personal and solid food review...where yelp can't take this down.

ummmmm delicioso felicidades @sirwinchester

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Ohhh, that kunafah looks DELICIOUS! I just tried some for the first time last week, but your post makes me want to get some more, haha. Thanks for sharing.

Yummm. Mouth watering stuff. I actually came here to thank you for sharing about steemit on bhw. I signed up here after seeing your post. I'm loving steemit already. Thank you @sirwinchester

these look sooo good ;) I'm so jealous !!!