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Hey everyone,
one of my favorite mushroom for picking, is the Lyophyllum littoralis.
It's taste and texture are very nice in just about any kind of cooking.


First documented in 1998 by Mycologist Marco Contu, the Lyophyllum littoralis makes a great find and addition to your nutrition.

The mushroom's head (up to 12cm in diameter) is usually a bit folded downwards and has a clear top in the middle. its edges folding upwards.
The head is dry, and sometimes covered in dust-like particles, and it's color varies from light-gray to dark-gray with touches of brown or light brown areas.

The mushroom does not like cold areas, and usually found in middle-eastern climates. It grows in groups, or bukae of a few mushrooms bound together in their base (see photo).
It can be found on sandy grounds, in pine forests around December-January.

Happy Picking!