Typical Austrian Food 🧡

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Living a Vegetarian-Pescatarian, i eat non meat products and few times a week fish. As an Asian women, my favorite food is definitely Asian food and for me, Asian food is more like a ‘Hometown’

Since I am living in Austria, i tried many different local foods but mostly, they aren’t really my taste. However, there are some interesting typical Austrian dishes i would like to introduce you.


Gemischten Salat

A ‘mixed salad’ which contains potatoes, cucumber and another vegetable. The salat’s dressing are made of vinegar, sugar and salt. The taste of the dressing is simply delicious.


Knoblauch Cream Suppe

A ‘garlic cream soup’ with roasted small pieces of bread (my favourite soup) The garlic combined with the cream taste make this soup one of a kind.


Gebackener Karfiol

‘Deep fryer cauliflower’ is my favourite vegetarian local food. This dish usually serves with cream dipping sauce.


Gebackener Zander

Zander is a local fish and can be found in this region. Deep fryer Zander usually serves with potatoes and cream dipping sauce.

Be happy, eat happy!
“You are what you eat”

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Seeing your title, I thought I would see schnitzel, and I saw Vegetarian-Pescatarian... :) I totally feel your pain as another Asian living in Europe. ;) My favorite food on this continent is from Portugal, since they eat lots of rice and seafood, haha. Have you tried them?

Greetings, beautiful siamcat

This Austrian food has some things in common with Brazil and different ones.

It made me want to try out the Gebackener Karfiol. Are those fritters fried with that cream? I do not know what those cookies are, but they seem to be very good !!!

Thank you for sharing and getting us closer to you. Good night!

Now i am hungry. Post likes these will make me fat 😂

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